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Staircase fiasco

We agreed to purchase an oak stair-rail with glass sectioned side and Neville Johnson gave us an installation date of Monday 17 February. We cleared the hall, stairs and landing of furniture, disposed of the carpet, moved piano into kitchen and heavy bookcases into garage. At 8 am on the 17th Feb. the materials were delivered, but the installers did not turn up. At approx 11 am the company phoned to say another job, on the previous Friday, had overrun and they could not install our staircase. Thus, it seemed logical they would come the next day to do the work, but they did not and they could not give us a new date. We kept phoning and asking, received promises they would get back to us, but invariably they did not. At one time we were told it could be 2-3 weeks before they could come and fit the staircase. We had to put back piano and furniture and live with dusty concrete floors affecting our other carpets in lounge etc. Frustratingly we had to cancel fitting of new carpets - twice, messing around another company's work schedule! We phoned and phoned Neville Johnson and eventually persuaded them to come out on Monday 24 February. Two fitters came but found the drawing they had did not show any spacing dimensions, despite the fact a surveyor had been out and drawn out plans. The fitters did a good job, spacing accurately, but they were two glass panels short so said they would order same day. The administrator was phoned and she also told us she would make sure the two panels were ordered and would get back to us as to fitment date. We waited patiently but heard nothing for over three weeks. We even got onto the Consultant who sold us the product originally and he replied by email that he was with a client and would get back to us, but, despite him having said that if any problems occurred customers should contact him, we heard nothing from him.
While waiting 3-4 weeks to hear when they were coming to fit the two missing panels, we received a demand for the final 660 payment from Customer Relations Dept. We therefore told them in writing how appallingly we had been treated and how, because of Neville Johnson letting us down, we had to cancel fitting of a new carpet twice. We told them the final payment would not be made until completion of work. It now turns out the two panels of glass were not ordered, forgotten!! Yet even two days ago the administrator, when phoned, said as far as she was concerned the order was placed and the job in hand!!
A senior manager emailed asking to come out on Sun 23rd at 9 am to 'look' at the missing glass panels. When we told him this was not necessary, just order the two panels of glass which will be the same dimensions as panels already fitted, we were told that their company policy is to come out and look at incomplete jobs - even though we said this was a waste of their time, and ours, and it is really not convenient as we are unwell with flu just now. This made no difference; the senior manager has insisted on visiting against our wishes (and on a Sunday!) because it is company policy (box ticking basically), yet they have shifted and violated every policy mentioned in their staircase sales brochures in this job. Basically, it now seems a one-day job scheduled for 17 Feb will not be completed until sometime mid to late April. One would think such company failure in this job would have resulted in a courtesy letter apologising for their poor organisation and lack of efficiency, lack of departmental communications. Yet no such courtesy has been extended, and still they will expect the payment in full when, if ever, the work is finally completed. The least they could do is make a reduction for all the hassle they have put on us. We therefore cannot, and would not, recommend this company to anyone. We've had many companies do work in our house and most, bar one bedroom fitter, have been excellent, but after experiencing this supposedly 'one-day, small job' by Neville Johnson we would worry for anyone thinking of using this company. The staircase when finished will be nice but had we known what to expect we would not have bothered; would have gone elsewhere. Very disappointing service indeed.

Hammonds Furniture

Absolutely appalling, feel totally conned, dreadful customer service and misleading selling techniques

UPDATE: Hammond's sent one of their senior fitters to review the bedroom. He came out and said he would put in a report to Hammond's with the result that we now have an Eaves cupboard door fitted, in the same furniture design, and one woman's wardrobe is finally finished off with the rough corners floor to ceiling now neatly boxed in with matching wood. The woman's wardrobe has been refitted to give 50% more rail space, a good improvement. In short, the company have met us half-way (after 4 months) but both my husband and I still feel aggrieved that despite clearly asking the Designer to allow for another lady's wardrobe, pointing out positions on other walls, he insisted two rails in existing cupboard would fulfil our needs. This conversation took place in our bedroom and after moving down to the kitchen to draw up plans, I reiterated that I really wanted another wardrobe and shoes and bag cupboard and was told in forceful fashion 'you want me to give you what you want don't you'...two rails in one cupboard. On that note we had to accept that his attitude of superiority was due to his 'design knowledge and expertise'. Unfortunately we now realise he was talking out of the top of his head. When the designer left I commented on being spoken down to like the 'little woman' and the male ego. My husband said he had thought the same, but we both believed he must know what he was talking about. In hindsight, as a researcher myself, either I, or my husband should have drawn up the bedroom plan,and spoken more forcibly than the designer. My husband feels he should not have been so trusting. We still feel the fitters were excellent but not given anywhere near enough time to complete the work in proper fashion. To be honest the dressing table is not fitted flush to the side cupboards; one gets the feeling that we need to grout the dark gaps as one would with wall tiles. This is not the case in our previous bedroom that is fitted with Hammond's furniture, but we now realize that we went to John Lewis who ordered the furniture from Hammond's, but employed their own fitters; hence the work being given double the time for fitting. My husband still has to make good the rough walls in his wardrobe and I still have to use a wardrobe in another bedroom or use storage boxes for coats shoes and bags. Considering the cost, this is displeasing. It has been a poor experience but we are thankful something has been done by the Company at last, and consequently they have now received final payment.

We had a Hammonds bedroom 4 yrs ago which was fine, took a week to fit. This time we wanted another larger bedroom fitted - time allocated by Hammonds was 20 hrs, clearly insufficient for the huge work-task. Firstly, they did not turn up on the date given or even telephone to apologise.
We had stipulated clearly to the Designer that we wanted an additional lady's wardrobe with another cupboard for shoes and handbags. We were told another wardrobe was not needed; all we had to do was knock out the wall above the existing wardrobe and have two rails to give double clothes accommodation, while another cupboard put in alongside would accommodate shoes and bags. We made a point of saying the rails in wardrobe needed to take knee-length coats dresses, day clothes and we were assured they knew what they were doing, giving us what we wanted. They did not. Two rails only allowed for skirts and shorts so one rail had to be removed to get coats and dresses housed. Consequently we have the same wardrobe space with one rail as previously, when the whole point of having the bedroom done was to have an additional wardrobe and we could not have made this clearer to the Designer. Moreover, the interior is left rough in the corners from top to bottom; clothes are now crammed in and catch on the rough wooden edges, getting damaged. We have taken photos of the evidence. Moreover the cupboard designed for bags and shoes has such narrow shelves it can only be used for books, yet we showed the Designer what we had in the other bedroom and asked for the same. Also an eaves cupboard door we wanted matching in, the Designer refused to do, thus leaving a rough looking door which diminishes the look of the bedroom. Even the Fitter could not understand why it was not being done, nor could he understand why the wardrobe had not been divided down the middle to allow for long and short clothes items. The dressing-table mirror hangs inwards and does not hold a position, in other words it does not work, but they say that while we withhold the last £1200 they cannot replace under guarantee. We are withholding the final £1200 because we want the wardrobes finished as they should be if the job is to be professional, the work is totally unacceptable on the inside of the wardrobes. Yet their website states the interior is important to them! The customer services has been appalling, rude, barely exists. The resolutions team do not answer phone calls or emails or letters unless you keep contacting them over and over and then, from their responses, it is clear they have not read the communications properly. We first reported dissatisfaction on May 23rd, before the work was completed and here we are 7th August still trying to get a reasonable discussion and resolution from them; they are just not interested all they seem to want is money. We would now never ever recommend this company to anyone. We have been reasonable and patient but they mislead you with their design, ignoring what you ask for, then rush the job and leave it unfinished. We still trust they will have a conscience and come and look at the job themselves but to date no one will come out and see why we are complaining. Are they afraid to see what we are complaining about; do they not want to see 'evidence'? A Company to avoid certainly!
NB: We have just checked out the Hammond's standard responses on this website; such standardized text just emphasizes the indifference displayed by this Company; they take nothing on board whatsoever. Sorry we have been so patient to date but have now had enough and will take action against this Company.

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08 August 2013

Reply from Hammonds Furniture

Dear Rosemary,

We are very sorry to hear about your recent disappointment with Hammonds.
The Hammonds team works really hard to get things right every time but we appreciate customers taking the time to let us know if we’ve made a mistake.

We understand that an arrangement has been made for a senior technical controller to visit on Monday 12th of August.

Thank you for your valued custom and for bringing these concerns to our attention.

The Hammonds online team

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