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Neopost Ltd

Extremely poor customer service. No explanation to various mistakes made.

Where do I start! First of all, when you get the machine and set up instructions, the only methods outlined to credit the machine will cost you so much it defies the point in getting the machine in the first place. I had to repeatedly ask them for a way to credit the machine without paying a high fee each time. Eventually got an answer. Then they started taking £50 out of my account to credit the machine each month which I did not authorise. After several emails they eventually sent me the purchase agreement, on which someone had written £50 in the direct debit with a different colour ink so had clearly been put in after I had sent it to them. This took several emails and calls to get sorted. Also, they are still sending my final notice invoices for the initial cost of the machine which I paid in full before getting it. There has been no explanation to this yet or whether they will stop the dept recovery process and save me getting a bad credit rating due to their incompetence. In addition to this they randomly took money from my bank account then swiftly put it back in the following day with absolutely no explanation whatsoever. I don't have a clue what they're playing at. If you don't have the time to keep a close check on them and follow up their errors, I would certainly not recommend this company at all. There have been no apologies or explanations at all. Go with someone else or take a big risk!

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