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Good prices and selection

Enjoy doing the occasional big shop at asda as above the prices and selection are good.

Downsides for me are customer services and some own-brand products.



Allows me to spout my opinions about companies, and hopefully help influence others decisions on whether to buy of not.

Top site.



Free to use - best rates of cashback and good customer service.

Money for nothing - only tiny gripe is somethings things don't track automatically and manual claims have to be made.


Great site - pipped at the post

Love the site and made over £300 in cashback in 18 months - without buying anything I wouldn't anyway. Great customer service and a well designed website.

Now I use topcashback who pay more cashback and don't charge £5 per year for using them

National Lottery

Tax for the gullible

If I had a pound for everytime I didn't play the lottery then I'd be in the position that I am now :)



I've not owned a telly for many years and afaik programming is pretty dismal these days. However BBC deserve 5 stars for some of the best comedy ever produced in the past - there are too many to list but the likes of fawlty towers, black adder, red dwarf and man many more.....


Never had a problem myself

Heard some horror stories, but i think it depends on your driver/area. The regular guy who delivers to me is great and have no fears in selecting them as delivery option.


Pretty good

Good selection and prices, site not that pleasant to navigate but okay.

Offer me some cashback through topcashback and you'd get that extra star - nectar points are okay but I know you pay your affiliates well and cashback seems reasonable?



I can service/repair my own car at incredible prices thanks to this company, delivery is always fast and free and the parts are soooo cheap but also genuine and of high quality.



Prices are obscene, staff are untrained and surly. Went in recently to grab a car part that I needed urgently - price online £4(free delivery) - price in Halfords £17.99.

I ordered online and walked for the day.

Good alround

Never had to use customer service (which speaks for itself.) Otherwise good prices and genuine products.

One of my first choices for electronics.

06 June 2012

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your comments on our prices and products.

I am pleased to hear you have never had to use our Customer Service, if you have any future queries they will however always be happy to help.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team



Greasy horrible and overpriced. Only suitable for teenagers and the ultra drunk/lazy.


Good for me

As a buyer paypal offers me protection which is great - for sellers their fees and stilted resolutions would really be a turn off - ebay insists you offer them as an option which results in a lot of scams (collection in person then "item not received" claims.)


East to forget how great it is

Everything at your fingertips, I remember the early search engines to compare them to google is like the comparison between running the tap and walking to the well to draw water.

Wanna know what I hate? Why not ask Jeeves?


Great for buyers

I've brought a lot of items on ebay and have had a lot of satisfaction. I'd never consider selling my items there due to unfair treatment for sellers and the outrageous fees imposed.

Don't forget to get cashaback for your purchases from topcashback,quidco or similar!


Mixed bag

Convenient, over priced, and great staff.


Not for me

If I'm interested in finding out that someone I knew at school 20 years ago had too much too drink last night then this site is perfect.

I may check it out again soon - if I run out of staples to fire into my genitals.

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The best!

People complain that sainsburys are more expensive although in my experience this is untrue. Often good deals and real % discounts at the end of the day on near use by stock.

What really sets them apart are the quality of the staff. In my local store (Midsomer Norton) I have never had any complains about the staff - always helpful,friendly and smiley.

Customer services are great too.

Always my first choice for shopping!


Love it

I've had a lot of great deals/freebies from this site. Love the forums, great place to get free advice knowledge (although anyone can post so be careful to filter the pros from the "man from the pub" style advice.)


Nevar again

Tesco have many great staff members, however some are terrible. In my local store (Paulton/Midsomer Norton) I expect to have a "cage" of goods pushed through the aisle blocking me/pushing me back. A very rude cashier once told me "this ones closed go up there!." The online substitution policy is a joke and the pickers do NOT chose the same dated products that I would pick for myself.

I absolutely refuse to shop there and haven't for a year, I now drive over 10 miles to the Asda superstore if i need something that my local sainsurys doesn't stock.

Sorry Tesco but a resounding fail (customer services however are okay - they seem to have a policy of sending a £10 coupon for each complaint, still not worth the stress of shopping there.)

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UK Tool Centre

Very good indeed

My first order from this site and have been very impressed, keen prices, fast delivery and excellent customer service. All products were as expected - would highly recommend!

Update - just used this company for my second order, everything perfect again. Watch out scrowfix!

Bodybuilding Warehouse

Great company!

Always perfect service from BBW - this company works hard and it's excellent reputation is very well deserved. Prices are ultra competitive and the (always free) delivery is about the best you can get (even with text message alerts to tell you the delivery time.)

Their own brand items are some of the best products I've ever used. The premium whey is easily on par taste wise to much more expensive branded products I've used before and the same goes for their intra-workout drink (in fact I far prefer this to the branded version.) Also I've never had an order without a free sample thrown in.

Fantastic - you will not be disappointed.


Really good experience

Made my first order with Oneon due to a very tempting offer, my order was dispatched and delivered really fast (and for free!) The products were top notch and the packaging was also excellent. Have since placed another order and yet again the whole shopping experience has been a pleasure.

If Oneon can keep this up they may well become my number one choice for supplement purchases.


Used to be great - still okay

Used this store many times over the years - in the past they were outstanding value with amazing customer service. Unfortunately their success saw them brought out and inevitably their standards dropped and prices climbed.

Still good value on many core items - I rate the gold screws highly as a cabinet maker although many builder friends are not so impressed. I think they work on the principle that if you get a good deal on the main items you are looking for you won't notice bad prices on more peripheral stuff.

By all means worth a try but you must check prices against competitors on each item, and don't rely on the next day delivery which may be late but more likely they'll pack the wrong stuff in your order (in fairness they are pretty good at correcting their mistakes but this takes time!)

Echo Supplements

Everything you could ask for!

A great company - yes they have very competitive prices, amazing customer service, attractive website and fast delivery. But above and beyond all that the owner really knows his stuff and is very helpful - have a read of the articles on the site. I see echo/Dave posting regularly on the UK bodybuilding forum muscletalk helping people out - often to his own detriment as he advises that a change to diet/routine is the way forward rather than fancy supplements. This is in a great contrast to the majority of companies who are just there to pimp their own products.

09 January 2012

Reply from Echo Supplements

Thanks Chris!


Great company to deal with!

Ordered with these guys many times before with absolutely no problems - the products are always perfect and the packaging is amazing (I have various sized bulk powders tubs all over the house for different jobs!)

Without a doubt my favorite bulk supplement supplier.

Disappointing experience

I've been a my-protein customer for a long time spending many hundreds of pounds with them. Lately I've been reading some rather bad reviews particularly involving customer service on a forum that I frequent. I placed my latest order with them mainly because using the "price beater" function they were a couple of pounds cheaper than bulk powders who's prices were generally better. I opted for the economy delivery option because I was in no mad rush to get the products and money is a real concern for me. I ordered on a Saturday fairly confidant that my order would be dispatched on Sunday or Monday for delivery the next week (have seen My-Protein reps state that they now dispatch on Sundays on aforementioned forum.)

On Wednesday evening (after phone lines had closed) I received a template email stating that the main item I wanted was out of stock (it was in stock on their website at time of ordering albeit 4 days earlier), followed shortly afterward by another email stating that my order had been dispatched. If I had the option I would have canceled my entire order and moved it to bulk powders who had all the products in stock. It is now Saturday a week after I made my order and still no sign of it, I've had to place another order with bulk powders for the item that MP couldn't deliver which has cost me another delivery fee.

Overall I am very disappointed with this experience and will in the future take my custom to bulk powders, bulk supplements direct and other companies with good customer service.

14 March 2011

Reply from Myprotein UK & Ireland

We’re always looking for ways to improve the service we provide, and we know the best place to start is to listen to the people who take the time to get in touch with us.
Thank you for your feedback which we will use for coaching and training our teams, so that we can ensure the service we offer our customers continues to be of the highest calibre.

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