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Very poor product - support & Service

I received an Aiptek Pocketcinema V10 as a gift, after just 1 hour of use the item developed a fault where it just keeps tuyrning itself off flashing a message of !!OVERHEAT!! on the screen. Now the unit will not work for anything more than 30 seconds at a time making it completely useless. As it was a gift purchased several months before it was given to me the retailer refused to accept it back even with the original receipt, so i turned to Aiptek to fix the problem. Via email, after 4 attempts and 6 weeks they sent me a mail telling me to update the firmware. I did this and still nothing, i sent a further two emails and was then informed that it is not a fault they are familiar with and i should return it to the retailer!
All in all i have now given up on both the product and the company. This fault is not an unknown one as i have discovered from several sources on the internet, it is just a shame that once a company such as Aiptek rush a product to market that obviously has a problem, that they show no support or service for early adopters and just take their money and run.


selling goods they dont have and very bad custopmer service

after speaking to customer services i ordered a samsung ps63c7000 tv for £2200, it stated on the website it would be delivered in 3 to 5 days. it also stated it was in stock and the customer sales rep also confirmed it was in stock. 3 days later i receive an email asking for a copy of my pasport and a utility bill........... so despite having a "secure" https online checkout, they then ask me to send extremely sensitive personal information to an unsecure web email address????? ok so seeing this i check the website and find that in 3 days they have not even STARTED to process my order (odd that it took them only 3 minutes to take the cash from my credit card!) i , very begrudgingly, sent the info as requested, and also lodged a complaint with customer services, all they did was send me 2 more copies of the previous email asking me for my passport etc... then, the next day i received a phone call from their "security" team wanting to verify the info i emailed them..... 4 days have now passed and they still have not even processed my order!!!! after this phone call an email arrives stating that the security checks are now complete and my order will be processed, this was followed 20 minutes later with another mail saying that the TV is out of stock and they have no ideaq when they will be getting any more, do i want to select something else from their store or wait for stock to arrive!!! I decided that after reading reviews that stated it takes pixmania sometimes 2 or 3 weeks to refund money that i would wait, but decided to check out their store anyway, where to my suprise, they were still advertising the TV that i ordered as in stock and available for express delivery. i called their sales line and spoke to an agent and enquired about placing an order for a samsung ps63c7000 but told him i needed it this week, he confirmed that if it says its in stock, then it will be with me in 3 days. i expressed concern over this and after tapping a few keys he stated, "yes, it is definately in stock and ready for immediate delivery" i asked if there was anyway he could triple check this info with the distribution warehouse, which he very obligingly did (apparantly) and about 30 seconds later came on the line to tell me that he had checked the warehouse and they definately are in stock, and would i like to order oine. At this point i informed him that i already had ordered one and had recieved an email telling me they were out of stock, so could he kindly tell the warehouse to deliver mine, at which point, as you can imagine, he got a little hot under the collar, and said "oh sorry it appears that that item is out of stock" i was pretty pieved as yoiu can imagine and asked why it states on the website that they are in stock, to which he replied, the distributors software is faulty and our site isnt updating properly, i sqaid that this was complete nonsense and i know the site had updated as the price had changed for the item i ordered (it had gone up by £300) I asked to speak to a supervisor.................. there wasnt one. I asked to be put through to the warehouse he had spoken to so i could confirm wether they had any of the items, he said that isnt possible. so lies lies lies and more lies. For the next week the website still advertised this TV as "in Stock" despite my complaints and yesterday they sent me another mail asking if i would like to choose something else from their store or continue to wait as "they do not know" when samsung will be delivering their next order" lies lies and more lies.... if you were a major electrical retailer you would not place an order for hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stock from a supplier and not know when it will be delivered..... complete nonsense and lies. I know this for a fact, i even contacted samsung myself who stated that although the cannot give any details or specifics, they can guarantee that the particular model of TV i am enquiring about is a discontinued model, so unless it is a factory refurbished set, no one has placed an order or will be recieving an order of the aforementioned PS63C7000.
So.... here i am, come on pixmania, you have entered into a sales contract with me and sold me an item you do not legelly own or have available for sale? in the meanwhile you have over £2000 of my money which you obtained through false advertising, and then further compounded with more deceitful sales practices. So what are you going to do? offer me my money back or a credit note when you have kept it long enough for me to have been charged interest already?
who knows. I will be contacting them, samsung and the office of fair trading on monday.

14 March 2011

Reply from www.pixmania.co.uk


Thank you for you review.

I apologise for the problem you have had with your order. This is not our usual service as we try to ensure that all of our stock levels are updated immediately, and the information given by our call centre is correct.

Please send your order details to me at rachel@pixmania.com so that I may contact you in an effort to resolve this problem immediately.

Kind regards,


Pixmania Mediator


adtificially inflated regular selling prices

Looking to buy the new samsung 64 inch plasma, direct tvs have it on "sale" at £2899 plus shipping stating that it is £289 OFF of their normal selling price, which by law they would have to have sold stock at this price in the prior 28 days. This seems a bit hard as this TV is not yet available for sale anywhere in europe, it is part of samsungs 2011 line up and the very very first sets will not ship to the UK before april 2011, not only that, when it does Samsungs recommended retail price for the PS64D8000FUXXU or PS64D8000 as only £2399.99, already one or two retailers are inflating this with a pre order price of £2999 but directTV's goes one step further by actually breaking consumer laws advertising sales and savings that are clearly 100% false.

Consumer power is the only way to stop companies like this ripping off the public time and time again. the only way to stop them is to stop shopping with them.

referencing the comment below, and why they are not ordering any more stock of the samsung 3d glasses - thats because they sold you a discontinued model TV, samsung 3d TV's from 2011 will be using bluetooth glasses not IR ones. they will no longer be producing IR 3D glasses so i would give up trying to get them from DirectTV anymore and get hold of a pair from somewhere else while you still can.

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