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Budget Insurance

Awful cancellation policy

No renewal letter, an email saying 'we are renewing you' then huge charges for cancelling on the first day of insurance that hasn't yet been paid for. Telephone operator tried to verbally strong arm me for my card details despite me explaining I did not actually want to renew due to my circumstances. This was explained previously when I moved house and had to shift my policy over to the new home or 'get charged again'. Despicable.

Tammy was extremely passive aggressive, kept me on the line for 24 minutes trying to actively prove I was in the wrong rather than deal with my complaint. Working in a subtle way to wind me up than deal with the crux of the issue.

This sort of customer service does not support their business, it actively works against it's reputation and the desire to renew.

She asked me 2-3 times if I wanted her to pass this on to her team leader, when asked if this would help she said it would not and that the team leader would not be able to resolve the issue either (the cancellation of the policy without charges).

As part of her campaign to prove that I was in the wrong Tammy made several references to an email that apparently mentioned that AUTO RENEW IS ON - I read this email out to Tammy and this was quickly forgotten in the hunt for another argument as to why I was still wrong.

Dire customer service, dire company, avoid like the plague.


Awesome site

Transparent, fast, accessible and even though I got a kicking in the silver prices I still love using this site. They are up front about prices too which is very good.


Shady support

Understand what you are buying when you buy from PC World. Understand the RMA process for the product you are purchasing and hopefully you won't go wrong. I bought a nexus 7 and after some issues in the first couple of weeks was told I had to send it back to Holland. After a two week wait I got a dodgy replacement that I also had to send back. When I bought it from PC World I was under the impression I'd be buying from a local shop and would have none of the RMA by mail nonsense that I'd had with other companies, what folly. Rubbish support but it's nice to be able to look at some shiny stuff before you buy. I'll maybe just use them for printers and ink cartridges in the future.

TailorMade Nails

Excellent prices and good customer service

You simply can't beat a small family run business for excellent customer service. Their prices are highly competitive, if you are worried about not buying from an 'official' source, don't, these guys sell the real deal and if anything goes wrong they rectify it fast. My only complaint would be that a lot of the time the stuff I want is out of stock, but that's the business model that provides me with awesome prices so I'm more than happy to always check here first for my stock. I accidentally bought the wrong product the other day, they refunded me in a heartbeat and after a quick call sent out the correct product for me, Keep up the good work.



Amazing customer service, extremely responsive and they care, still the best e-commerce company out there.


Competitive pricing, dated, lazy support, excellent resolution policy

Firstly a rant about my experience and then the review. Despite advising the sales person of my situation (I am currently using another Merchant Banking Company for my card machine) I felt completely mis-sold to by Card Save upon opening some of my invoices a few months into my contract and discovering more fees than originally agreed. When ringing to query the charges I was not given reasonable explanations and told that as I had 'left it too late' in opening my invoices to really do anything about this, a discussion with the phone operators manager had her coming back to say 'yes, my manager says the same thing'. Poor. Shouldn't the matter have been analysed in a little more depth? Yes, and it was eventually. The lovely sales person Mark called me personally, held his hands up to having made a mistake and said he'd get it sorted out.

Whilst the finance department's support was flakey, perhaps it's too much to expect them to know the intricities of the contractual agreements, regardless, both Mark and the cancellations department went above and beyond the call of duty in resolving the issue. In light of this I'd 5 star rate them if the actual technology was a little prettier and a bit more cutting edge / modern.

So the facilities, the online card payment system was reasonably easy to install which took a couple of weeks of hoop jumping to get everything set up. Implementing directly into your site is a smoother feel but will leave you open to large amounts of legal tape. A redirect to Cardsave's payment portal will save you this hassle but it looks pretty awful. No doubt there is some expectation to allow ancient browsers to use the portal but if paypal/sagepay can do it...

The Virtual Terminal which I have virtually no use for at all but was part of the package has a dreadful user interface and I found it very counter intuitive. I did find I needed it when I had to perform a partial refund and it took a lot of trial and error clicking and eventually a hunt through the help. Once you get the hang of it though it's not too bad.

Cryptic transaction CSV's are occassionally drip fed through to my email which is nice but I'm not entirely sure what they mean.

So in summary:-

Flexible Competitive Rates and Pricing
Decent Local Support
Excellent resolution policies and customer care
Dated but functional web portal
Confusing but functional Virtual Terminal

Overall: Would recommend



Only when I have been in the tech stampedes (i.e. release of the wii and various other firsts) have Ebuyer ever let me down, so that's ok in my book. As a customer for over 10 years I've spent a lot with them, built 5 PC's from their parts and gone through the RMA processes, complaints and praise aplently. Overall, a decent company to work with.

08 August 2013

Reply from Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

Thank you for your review and for your custom over the past 10 years. It is always nice to hear of our customers experiences when shopping with Ebuyer and I am glad to hear you are happy with the service you have received.

Our Customer Support Team are always happy to help if you have any queries.

Kind Regards


Ebuyer Resolution Team

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