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Heinnie Haynes

Lightening Fast

Great quality products. Lightening fast standard delivery came the next morning. Will use again and highly recommend.

Greenman Bushcraft

Best Customer Service, Bar None

I have now bought several times from Greenman Bushcraft. Kris has always beed extremely helpful, given great advice that I can trust, and sorted out any minor issues. When I had a problem with a knife sheath, he arranged for a replacement from the manufacturer in Norway.

You can always call before buying and get advice and recommendations. I couldn't recommend this company any higher.

Always Riding

Excellent Service, Fast Delivery

I asked for a price match as I didn't wan't any more disasters with Wiggle. I received a friendly positive response really quickly. I ordered NorthWave road bike shoes that afternoon and they arrived before 9am the next morning. Brilliant. I'll definitely use AlwaysRiding again.

What a Stressful Waste Of Time

I ordered a bike that went down in price by nearly £70 the next day. I could have ordered again and cancelled the first order, but Wiggle's site said the order couldn't be cancelled. It seems that it had joined the queue to join the queue to be built eventually. I say eventually, because the site and emails give different numbers of days that it takes, on average, to build and despatch the bikes.

I emailed Wiggle, as they don't have a phone number. Apparently they have "live chat" on their website, but I can't find it. Turns out they have 6 people on this doing pre-sales and 1 person doing customer service. That says a lot.

"Please let me know immediately if you can cancel this order or match the lower price", I asked. The next day I received an email to say the price had gone back up and there was no record of it ever being at the lower price. They asked "If you could provide me a screen grab or a link to where you have seen this new lower price I will see if we are able to price match this for you".

I had screenshots (screen grabs) of the item on the store at the lower price, and the item in my basket showing the time and date" so I sent these over. Looks like Wiggle weren't expecting that, because then everything went quiet for nearly 2 days, during which I repeatedly emailed Wiggle to contact me/give me an answer.

Three days after this all started I eventually get a call to say we can't do the lower price and we've taken your money. Why? Because, apparently, they have no records of any customer buying the bike at this price. So what? I could have been that customer if Wiggle had got back to me in a timely manner or had a phone number I could have spoken to someone on.

So why ask me for screen grabs and then not honour this when I supplied them? Doesn't seem like the actions of a company who value their customers to me.

The bike order has now been cancelled and to add insult to injury, I now have to send back the nearly £90 cycle helmet that I bought from them that will no longer be needed. And the pedals from Amazon.

Wiggle's customer service page says “Customer confidence, reassurance and peace of mind always top our list when it comes to making sure our customers are 100% satisfied with their Wiggle shopping experience.
Buying a new bike or a set of carbon wheels should be a joyous occasion…”

It wasn't. It was a slow, unresponsive, time-wasting, expensive, trust-destroying, frustrating, stressful experience that I recommend others don't experience. Once was enough. Thank you, Wiggle. It's been memorable.

Update: It hasn't been cancelled, the bike has been sent out for delivery today, and I won't get my refund back until the bike arrives back at Wiggle and has been processed. Where's the goodwill?
Order number 6210419643 or Jenny has my phone number and email.

As Wiggle asked, I provided the details within minutes. Nearly a week later and I've heard absolutely nothing. Actions speak louder than words, Wiggle, so are you actually going to do something or is this another PR exercise?

09 August 2013

Reply from Wiggle

Hi Paul, I am sincerely sorry that you have had this frustrating and disappointing experience with Wiggle.

Firstly price changes happen daily as a means of staying competitive in the market, my apologies that in your case this was not handled better. If you can edit your review with your order number I can investigate why we were unable to honour the lower price. I would like to assure you that we would not ask for the screenshots to deliberately mislead you, sorry if you felt like this.

Regarding the order being cancelled and then sent is an error that should not have been made. We have had technical problems that have affected our processing system, this is most likely what has caused you to be messed about. I would like to have the opportunity to resolve the errors and restore your faith in Wiggle.

Once again my apologies that in your case you have not had a satisfying experience with Wiggle and I would like to assure you that the errors made will be investigated as soon as I have the order ID.

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