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Good price, dispatch and communication

I placed a hardware & software pre-order; it was shipped in time for delivery on the release date. Tracking available throughout the process. It couldn't have been any better.


Good price, communication and order processing ...but

I've never heard of Extak until I began searching for a particular item - they came up cheapest. Other reviewers had said they had problems with refunds for items out of stock so I used Extak's web form to enquire if my item was available. A couple of hours later I received a friendly reply stating there was one left and if I ordered soon, it could be dispatched the same day.
I really wanted the item so I ordered it immediately and replied with my order number for it to be shipped asap... and it was.
I was given a tracking number and sure enough, it arrived by courier next day.
The item is exactly as described, perfect condition, great price and excellent service.
Now here’s the but…
I’d been searching using 2 different computers and when I returned to the first one, I noticed my shopping cart still had the item in it. It’s then that I noticed the difference in price.
For some reason, after I enquired about stock the price went up by about £5. As a % of the item value it wasn’t much, but the timing was very strange.
I emailed my previously very helpful Customer Service contact to ask the reason for the increase but several days later and still no reply.
Overall I had a good experience shopping with Extak and would do it again; but the sudden, unexplained price change and lack of after sales response make me wonder how it could have gone.

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