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WAE+ Is the writing on the wall?


If you have been scammed by WAE+ and you have NOT received a refund, please follow this link to provide two simple items of information,,,the amount owed and the method of payment...that's all that's asked for. No personal information is held.

There's a page on Facebook, called WAE+ Scammers, where totals are provided at least daily. So far, there have been 22 Responses, with a total amount owed of £5,496.32

Trustpilot, please don't remove this link. It will help to buid a real case against the 'former' WAE+


Ordered a camcorder on 29th July. Item listed as in stock. Delivery 1st-5th August. 5th August arrives, camcorder does not. Usual story, delay in shipment etc.
Cancelled the order, asked for refund.

Then I checked up on WAE+.....

A Registration of Charge has been placed on them, on 17/07/2013.

Charge Code: [external link removed]

The charge is in favour of a loan company, who it seems, is now calling in the the amount owed to them.

The above information can be found at [external link removed], for a small charge, therefore, is in the public domain. I STRESS, THIS INFORMATION IS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN!!!!

I would suggest, that WAE+ are trading either fraudulently, or at the least, wrongfully. I am also in the belief they are breaking the terms and conditions, set out on the Charge.

Avoid WAE+ Do not purchase from them!

I will argue that, having lied to me and by not disclosing the item was not in stock, there is no contract between myself and WAE+, therefore, I am due a full and immediate refund.

I have made available, on the Tube site that involves You, (don't think I'm allowed to post links).....a true account of my experience with WAE+. It may take some time to filter into the search engine. Please search for the following...

[private data removed]

WAE+ AVOID these Crooks!

Please be will take some time for my video to be included in the search.

When you do find the video, please share via your social networking site(s).

The addresses of the directors are at the end of this video...again, in the public domain.

18th August
Still no sign of a refund, despite promises to refund 'immediately'.

I have ordered a camcorder from another Company...might just use it to record what happens when I visit WAE+ personally!

Report this lot to Trading Standards and Action Fraud.

WAE+ have tried to take down this review TWICE!!!!!!

My review is a true and honest account of my dealings with WAE+!

Bottom line refund, even though they agreed their T&Cs were invalid.

UPDATE....28 August 2013

Still no refund and a lack of communication.

Have now received a Police National Crime Reference Number from Action Fraud. WAE+ have been notified of this. No doubt, WAE+ will read this review, so, WAE+, MAKE NO MISTAKE..I will pursue all legal means to obtain my refund!

I advise ALL WAE+ customers, who have failed to receive goods, or refunds, to report them to Action Fraud (Police) UK, to Trading Standards, BBC Watchdog, Don't Get Done Get Dom...and any other place you can think of! Put a claim in against them via the Small Claims Court.

They owe me £159.58....if I have to walk to Birmingham, I shall do so!

They now seemed to have farmed out Customer Services to a Call Centre, somewhere abroad (India?), to 'take the flak'.

BEN SLATER..DARREN CRESWELLL....................You owe me £159.58! You owe many more customers a refund....DO IT NOW!

ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 SEPTEMBER 2013

WAE+ appear to have gone 'off the radar'.....................

PHONE LINES...............................................DOWN

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