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The quality of food has always been rubbish, driving me to go to Sainsbury's or M and S, however, my mindset WAS that the staff were helpful so it made up for the bad quality of food. Now, it is just terrible, I find myself waiting for someone to come and assist me on these self checkouts. The staff have somewhat become arrogant, cheap and incompetent. They now employ people who can barely speak English let alone operate a till properly or even greet customers. I have found VERY few of the staff to be helpful and I do mention it to them which brings a smile to their face. Many of the other staff constantly speak to one another in different languages which most certainly is rude. Sainsbury's on the other hand have to be the best supermarket out there, the price, quality and service is just right. Farewell Tesco.

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I cannot believe they've gone!

I just absolutely loved the service I received every time I went there. So sad to see they've closed down and Curry's are still open. Brilliant company Comet was, price was right, the staff were helpful and the customer experience was beyond my expectations.



It's been a year since I experienced this appalling service from the Beckton store and I think it's about time I make it public so here goes:

Last year I went into this store to check out some computers and found 2 that I felt would fulfil my requirements so I waited around for 10 mins to get some help, there was one advisor helping another customer while the other kept saying he was busy but clearly wasn't as he was texting on his phone. So I carried on waiting until the advisor who was helping the customer had just walked past me. I decided to just quickly ask on availability of the 2 computers and when he could help me, only to hear him aggressively shout " Can you stop bothering me, I'm trying to help a customer here" with his hand gesturing to push me away. I calmly asked him for a better time to come back and he just walked off mumbling something in Urdu with some swear words in the middle. Shocked by this, I just looked straight at the other advisor who found it amusing and started walking towards the counter. I clearly gave them buying signals that they clearly saw and ignored, which then resulted in Curry's losing a customer. Luckily for me the door lead me to walk 2 mins and go into Comet (Sadly closed down now) who helped so much so that I even went back there many times after instead of visiting Curry's.

A year on, Comet's closed down, Curry's is one of the only options so I thought let me just give them another chance, maybe things have changed, Boy was I wrong! I went in to look for a specific monitor which on the phone they said they had in store but later said that it had run out, that is of course after half an hour of waiting and bloody staring at the display and each advisor who seemed to be having a nice little chat. During that half an hour I went up to 3 different advisors who turned me away, 1 of them saying "sorry you'll have to go to my colleague over there" without any explanation while the other two seemed to be busy chatting away. On buying a monitor (not the original one I was after), the cashier did not even answer my question "Who is the store manager?", instead she was turning her back and talking to a colleague of hers in a different language which I found quite offensive. While I was paying, she tried up-selling (and failed miserably) and couldn't even explain any features and benefits of her add-ons which I found amusing as I am a salesperson myself.

Left with disappointment, I can most certainly say that this store and many others have the WORST staff ever. The mindset of their staff needs a change otherwise the company will most likely shrink in terms of profit and their staff will most certainly hit a brick wall, no career, no skills and no money (what a shame).

Advice to anyone buying from Curry's: Buy from somewhere else when possible, even if it cost's a little more.

Advice to Curry's: Sack the rubbish staff you have, I will get the names in future when I do pop in and add it onto the review.

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