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Poor service; I got a viceral feeling the company is not to be trusted. AVOID

Like many watch enthusiasts I buy and sell watches frequently. Most watches in my collection are easy to pass on but some are a bit less desirable. I did an internet search for those wishing to buy a Ullysse Nardin Maxi Marine and came across Watchfinder. I received a low indicative purchase price but thought I might as well move the watch on because I never use it.
I sent the watch off to Watchfinder and despite proof that it was delivered and received by the intended recipient I didn't receive an email "immediately" as promised to inform me the watch was with the company. I chased and only as a result of that received an email telling me the piece was with the "testing department".
The Company's terms and conditions state that a watch offered for sale will be tested but the terms are silent regarding the test period or what tests will be carried out. Even when I asked a member of staff today what tests were being carried out I was given an equivocal answer i.e. a "full test"; whatever that might actually mean.
24 hours later I called the company and was told the testing process takes 48 hours. 24 hours later, and 48 hours after delivery of my watch to Watchfinder I called again and was given deliberately non-committal answers to my questions i.e. you should get an offer today or maybe Monday etc. (I called on a Friday 29 11 2013)
I pointed out that not only had the company not contacted me it hadn't even responded to my email enquiry regarding a service for a Rolex Submariner, which I was verbally told by a member of Watchfinder staff could be done in-house but that I had to send the details of the watch I need to be serviced.
I told the staff member I was speaking to that I was forming a dim view of Watchfinder and that I wanted my property returned to me. I am now wondering if it will arrive.
I have done business with watch dealers for years in pursuit of my hobby and there are good ones and bad ones, and I know that I believe Watchfinder to be a bad one.

Atrocious customer service

I purchased a rug and a table. The rug arrived in good time.

I was given an estimated delivery date for the table of 6th August 2013. It did not arrive and by reference to the tracking number provided by 7th August 2013 the item had not been collected from Wayfair's warehouse by the courier.

I called Wayfair and was told there had been an error and that the courier would collect the table from the warehouse on 7th August and I would receive it on 8th or 9th August. I arranged for someone to wait at home but by reference to the tracking number provided by Friday 9th August the item seemed not to yet be with the courier.

I spent more valuable time speaking to Wayfair. I was eventually told that due to an error the item had not been collected from the warehouse by the courier but that I MIGHT receive the item on Monday 12th August. I lost faith and cancelled the order verbally and in writing. Now for the best bit.

Wayfair's Mrs [private data removed] condescended to allow me a FREE RETURN although I had never received the item. I was then told twice by email by Mrs [private data removed] today (10 08 2013) that no refund could or would be made until the item was returned to Wayfair and inspected for damage. That bold and foolish position was adopted by Mrs [private data removed] despite the fact that the item never left Wayfair's warehouse as far as I know, if in fact it was ever in stock when it was notionally sold to me. I explained to Mrs [private data removed] that a refund could not be conditional upon the safe return to Wayfair of a table that had never been supplied to me and the condition of which I could not have influenced. The absurdity of Mrs [private data removed]/Wayfair's position regarding a refund is plain to see. I put Wayfair on notice of recovery action under the County Court Pre Action Protocol, explained to Mrs [private data removed] that I consider her to be "hard of understanding" and left it at that.

Experience shows that one discovers how good or bad a business is when things go wrong. This business appears, in my opinion and experience, to care very little about its customers and very much about its customers' money.

I recommend avoiding this business. There are many alternatives.

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