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brill service

only problem is there are too many companies assosiated with amazon now, so you never know where your item is coming from.

an issue before xmas caused me to think of looking elsewhere, but it was sorted out eventually


ive always shopped with these guys

and i always will. Ever since they started with the catalog and a warehouse at wombwell.



the best by far

If you want to know about a film out at the cinema, DVD or speculation about a future release, then there is no where else to go.


no bull shopping

in the last 2 months, i have bought a tv and picked up instore, bought an american style fridge freezer, double oven, and dish washer and had them delivered.
all from the comet web site.

i shopped around first but they constantly came up cheaper and im not talking bad makes.
samsung fridge and indeset appliances and a sony tv.

all delivered on time and prices to beat any and all others.
you have a life time shopper here with no chance of going to the other side.

T Mobile

bad customer experiance

my partner got an upgrade before xmas. website said samsung galaxy s came with an 8gb card, FREE.
this didnt arrive and neither did the phone.
customer service stated it was with dispatch and wouldn't be sent until 4 days from now. shame as last agent we spoke to said it was leaving 3 days earlier.
this upset my partner as she was being messed around.
odd thing is it turned up the next day, even though this was said to be with dispatch, and wouldn't leave for 4 days, and we were under 3 feet of snow at the time.
T-Mobile, please stop telling lies to your customers and you will start to loose your poor reputation



i had an audi a4 3.0 quatro and it goes like a rocket and sticks like it nailed to the road.

i will get another no problem.
plenty of great avdice on the site too.



i booked a night out to york for last monday and it came up with precise timings and tickets delivered. also holel booked through these makes this one of the best sites ive been on for booking.
i dont have a car so i rely on public transport, and i live 1 min from a local train station.
brilliant site and too useful by far.


too much to expect

i think the major problem with these are they give too much but cant do what they say.
times deliveries are the best. a 1 hour time slot is great, but you cant sensibly think they can stick to this with the amount of delivery's they have.
i worked for Dixons who used these, and most complaints were the driver knocked once then carded, or they just carded and didnt knock. most times they couldn't park so delivery wasn't attempted.
try harder and people will think your a better company, or just dont try too hard and do what you can do, but do it well.

Halifax Online

banking at its worst

i was in financial trouble over the past 3 years.
halifax took great pride in adding extra charges to my account and laughing about it.
one month i had £400 in late charges and they couldnt be bothered to help.
eventually after a divorse and a house sale, ive paid off the debts and thought it was all over, but no.
i cant close the account as one advisor says sign this paper i will send you and that will close it, but he sends nothing, another states a joint account needs both signatures, so i try to provide that, except the ex wife is no where to be found. eventually i go to branch where i fill in the correct form for me, and they send one to my ex. problem is its not to the address they have for her, its to my address.
so im stuck with an account i cant use and will never use, customer services who dont help but run me round in circles, and a company who made a small fortune from me in the past few years who squandered it on bad investments and non trainer employees.
goodbye halifax, i will not be back to you or any of your other partner companies



easy to use and easy to book and see great offers.


good service but a bit too expensive

good quality and excelent service at the door, but the prices are still too high. Asdsa beat these hands down


bloody useless group of companies

after buying items in the past, i was happy to work for them in there call centre.
after training i hit the phones, and ive never felt so alone and without help in my life.
managers who would rather chat with each other and pass the buck to others less experianced. Systems that couldnt do the job.
It was a joke when customers called to ask why its taking 10 weeks to get there laptop back when we had one of many system errors. If the call centre systems didnt work, then what makes the customer think we can fix things.
complaints of over running times for repairs, returned items in peices and even a plate of sausage and mash in a customers laptop. I had a customer who accidently spilt milk on her laptop. She was covered no problem, but the workshop classed this as a bio hazard?
What a joke.
I will never shop at any of the dixons group shops ever again.
pixmania, currys, pcworld, dixons, pc city, etc.

comet and amazon proved to be better by far with all my recent purchases.


data useage issues

having an O2 account for nearly 6 years, i got the new iPhone a while ago, signed a contract with unlimited data usage and off i went, very happy. Until i got my first message saying i was affecting everyone else's usage with my browsing.
I called customer services and they stopped my data until the next bill. I complained and nothing got done.
This happens every month.
I eventually got a wifi connection so im not using any data from the 3G connection and still i get cut off.
I complain again and i get a manager who doesnt call me back when he promises. also an investigation is said to be undertaken but nothing is mentioned.
I complain that O2's systems are flawed and they count wifi data the same as 3G data, which is the only sane explanation. As stated by customer services, im downloading 50+gb per month, exactly the same for the past few months, EXCATLY.
this looks like a pattern to me, and as i have a very stable wifi with no outage, i find O2 and there excuses to be simply lying to me and other customers.

Roll on june when my contract is up and i can go to a more reliable network. Any will do me as i was a long time customer of O2 and i will never be back.


rome trip was excelent

We booked early and got a great deal on 2 return flights to rome with transfers to the train station.
Excellent service and no problems


DSI red

Came in perfect condition and had good communication all the way.
Ive bought from these before and ill continue to do so.

I bought from them as they were cheaper and they had stock of a rare dsi which arrived in plenty of time for my nephews birthday.
many thanks.

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