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Transair Flight Equipment

Great service - fast and easy

I ordered a GNS 2000 receiver and a kneepad for my iPad Mini to work with my trial of SkyDemon. The order was very prompt to arrive and I have no issues associated with Transair. The AV8TOR kneepad, however, is a different story. It seems nice and well constructed and I was keen to get it into the air and try the whole system out, which I did on Saturday. The main problem is there was no way (in my Jodel DR1050) that I could position the kneepad so I could use all its and the iPad's functionality. If I put it on my right knee, the top panel interfered with the stick when open (and blocks the iPad when closed. On my left knee, the only compromise was to open it and put the top panel down between my leg and the side of the cockpit, so there was no point in having an opening kneeboard (and it was still marginal in terms of clearance).
I have no complaints - I bought the device to test it out and my testing proved that I would have been better off having the iPad Mini as a separate, free standing unit in the case I keep it in when at home. Then I can sit it on my lap as required and put it out of the way when I don't need/want it. I'm only writing this review to save other pilots from making the same mistake. If I had been flying something with a yoke, it probably would have worked very well on my right knee - so I'm not anti the product, just make sure you will have room to use it.

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