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Basically had the worst travel experience of my life!

Me and a friend were traveling from Ibiza to Stansted at 4pm. A week earlier I got an email stating the flight was changed to 2pm! Ok the morning of my flight I got an email saying online check in is mandadory and you need to print out your boarding pass. As I was on holiday I couldn't print it out, so tried to check in online was so difficult to I finally gave up. When we arrived at the airport we discover the flight is actually at 4pm not 2pm as the email said.! We were told it's 70 euros to check in as we didn't do it online. I went to the Ryan air office to speak to someone about it. I have never experienced a more rude response to our questions. I was just trying to tell them they never told us there was a 70 euros fine, and we just going home from holiday and are low on money. I paid the fine and was walking back to the checking counter when I mentioned to a person staying by how shocking the service was. The man behind the counter ran up to us said that we were so rude that he is not letting us on the flight! I went to check in they refused to let me on the flight!! I had bought my ticket paid this ridiculous fine and after all that theyre not letting me check in!!! Tell me how do you have the power or right to treat a paying customer like that!!! I went back to the counter begging on my hands and knees, Please please just let me on the flight! We just want to go home! How can you strand two girls like that. We paid for our tickets and check in. It got to the point where both of us were crying! Eventually they let us on the flight, with the snark remark "I hope you two behave yourself". Let me just ask, in what world are you allowed to treat customers like that? How dare you make me beg and cry just to get on the flight I paid for? Ryan Air was the worst experience of my life!!!

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