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Unless you fancy a fire avoid the tumble driers

I purchased a hoover tumble drier in dec 2012. It becomes faulty in July. had engineer out 3 times, even said "im not entirely sure il just have to guess" Problem continued. After the 3rd "fix" it over heated, filled my kitchen with smoke and my daughter burnt her hand. Rang up to be told engineer would come out again but told to refuse repair have a report done and wait until someone can be bothered to arrange a replacement. We got it in the car this morning and took it to the leamington spa branch and received awful service (computer says no attitude). The model is discontinued so cant replace with the same yet we went upstairs and found the SAME one but £50 more expensive and got told pay up or nothing eventually got a refund . Looked on the hoover website now im home and the 2 modals are exactly the same specs just a different dial on the front. I cannot even purchase a like for like replacement with the £300 I was given back and im certainly not paying extra £50 for the same tumble drier. Seeing as a child has been hurt, it nearly caused a fire and I've had to go back and forth to the laundrette daily I think curry's should as a good will let me have the tumble drier without having to pay an extra £50. I do not expect to pay £300 on a tumble drier to last only 7 months then have to be told to pay out yet again. I complained on their facebook page only to be told to email then ignored. Every post witch said about my daughter being burnt has been deleted with no reply

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