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Excellent service but some products are rubbish.

Justoffbase are very good at what they do except for one thing; they do not adequately review the products they sell. I've only used the company a few times and each time they have competed very well on price and have delivered very promptly.

But the 'Sealey' brand blast cabinet I bought from them was really so bad I should have returned it. But I was worried that I might not get a refund quickly and/or the process of showing how bad the product was might be too lengthy so, instead, I kept it and modified it.

While 'you get what you pay for', any budget items should actually work and be serviceable. If they are not fit for purpose then they need to be better made and sold at a price that reflects the minimum spec. The problem with items like blast cabinets is that you have to use them a fair bit to know if they work correctly and it was only by modifying the unit that I became sure of its real inadequacies. It was a time consuming and costly exercise. Details can be found at:

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