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Could be better

I started using them a few years ago, they are good but I have had some issues. Starting with the good: they have a great range of films and you can even watch online. The bad you never get the films from your list you want its always the ones you pick to make up the numbers, some of the films will skip making them unwatchable, I got Defiance from them and I swear I got so fed up with the jumps I must of missed 20 mins of the film. Also the envelopes they send seem to go down after a time, you start with 3, you send back the 3 films in 2 envelopes and they put 3 new films in the same envelope so you down to one and then they say you can send them back in a freepost envelope you have to buy yourself! which i must say is a bit much for something you are paying for!! I would recommend to mates but I would wore them first.


Good e-mail and great content

I have been using this site now for years and years; I would recommend the site itself the only downside is e-mail lacks features that other sites have.

National Lottery

Great site but was better

I would give this site 5 stars, but they have updated in the last few weeks, I buy my tickets from here because it’s safe and you'll will be e-mail should you win. But the update doesn't display the ticket info as it once did and can be hard to find out what week you have played etc., also they have used taken off the use this ticket again feature so you have to manual enter your numbers each time which at times can be frustrating.


Best way to plan a journey in the UK

I first used this site about 5 years ago and haven't stopped yet. It is easy to use and always gives out great info like time tables and updates about delays.

A must if you’re planning to go some were on public transport and want to find the best route to do it.


First and only place for entertainment news

This site is full of great news and reviews

Paddy Power

Great betting site

This is the only site I use to place bets on the footie, as it has the best betting options from accumulators to yankes it makes betting a whole lot more interesting.
I always find the customer service very helpful and the TV on the site makes the working day go a lot quicker.


Great service and full of sales

If you would have said to me 2 yrs ago to use steam I would have said no, but today it’s the only place I go for games.
The game downloads are fast and safe. There are brilliant sales so you can pick up top games for a few pounds.
On the down side some of the new games don't always work but the support forums are really useful and you can fix any problem that comes up within seconds.
One of the best feature is the pre-launch downloads were you can download a game like dragon age2 before its released and its ready to play once the clock hits midnight on the release date very cool !!

Marshalls Seeds

Good service and great results

I always use this site to order seeds as they are cheap and have fast devlivery times, There are loads of offers like free veg growing calender that is really usefull. I would recommond this company to any one interested in grown their own veg/fruit.


Worst phone I have had

A few years ago I went with three and I would never go back, it’s expensive and the customer service is very poor.


Good delivery time

I ordered loads of blue rays in the 2 for £24 sale the other day they all came within 3 days and were all in separate packages, so didn't have to say in for the postman to come. There are other really great bargains on the site


Good info

Great data base for any film fan and good at settling drunken arguments

Mazuma Mobile

Very,very,very quick and really good service

I couldn't believe how quick the whole process took, I would highly rate this service

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