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Great Selection & Great Service

Midlam Miniatures specialise in their own range of miniatures (funnily enough) but also do a range of accessories and a few other niche products. The minis look great and I'll be going back for some but in my first order I bought some Dragon Dice (yes it's still around).

Postage was included in the -already very reasonable- price and the order was dispatched quickly in good packaging. Before I ordered I had some questions and got into an email conversation with the owner who was really helpful and always got back to me quickly.

I really value companies which stock custom and unusual products and I can't speak highly enough of the service I received. Overall I can't recommend them enough.


One of the Best UK Geek Shops

Trolltrader sell through Ebay as well as their own website and they're the same guys who run Trolltrader Cards. Trolltrader cards focuses on CCGs (mostly MTG) and accessories, their Ebay store is dominated by 2nd hand Warhammer & 40k and their website focuses on new wargaming and modeling.

The guys who work here are real enthusiasts and understand all the products they sell which, considering the range, is no mean feat.

The selection is great through their ebay store and through both their websites, the prices are competitive and shipping is quick. They're also nice to deal with: they've been great about answering questions on the phone and through email. Not much else you could ask for really.

The only time they've been less than excellent was when I asked them for a specific spare part from their very extensive 2nd hand wargaming stock. They sent an email back saying that although they did have it it wasn't worth their while finding it and listing it for me. They suggested I should keep an eye on their ebay page to see if it came on randomly in the future as they worked their way through listing their stock. Considering the great service I usually get this doesn't make me any less likely to recommend them.


Impersonal & Poor Stock Control

Placed an order for similar products with these guys and another retailer at the same time. Both had been accidently offering items which were out of stock. The other retailer got back to me straight away with a personal message apologising and offering to hold the order until stock came in, to refund me straight away or to send other items to the same value. We worked out a new order and I actually ended up spending more with them.

Dicebay on the other hand could only be bothered to send me an automatic refund notice through Paypal two days later with no apology or explanation. Not exactly awful just... meh.


Almost Exceptional

The Company:

I was a bit nervous about ordering from Film Cells Direct since there seemed to be no real body of user feedback online and Google Streetview showed their registered business address to be a suburban bungalow. Of course plenty of good businesses are run from homes but it was a point of concern since I could find out very little else about them.

Film Cells Direct sell through Amazon, Ebay and their own website. Prices and stock are mostly consistent throughout all three outlets.

The Service:

Delivery is advertised as 1st class post sent 'straight away' which should guarantee delivery within 48 hours. The website however says delivery should be within four business days, presumably in case anything needs to be made to order.

After waiting four business days (five postal days) without even an order confirmation I emailed to ask whether they had received my order. I never heard a reply but the item was dispatched the day I sent the email and received the day after.

The Product

I ordered one of their 'multi' frames with a mini film poster surrounded by 10 cells. The mounting was top-class, dead straight with no overcut. The frame was a cheap but very serviceable pre-made job with the hardboard back taken off to allow the light to shine through the cells. The front glazing was the original glass and the back was 'glazed' with thin frosted plastic that looked like it had been cut out from a cheap document wallet. This will need to be replaced with something that is actually clear since it imparts its frosted texture to the film cells - basically buggering up the look of the whole thing.

At the base and at the rear of the frame is the 'limited edition' number. Since this is an unlicenced bit of fan art knocked together in some bloke's garage this seems a bit pretentious. Personally I'd rather that space was taken up by the film logo or strapline. If it was a licenced product then maybe it might add something. Maybe.


Overall I must stress that the product I got looked great - better in most ways than I could have hoped and once I've found a replacement for the frosted plastic it will look better still. Although the frame is cheap bear in mind that the price of even the most basic bespoke frame will be more expensive than this whole item and a basic bespoke one would probably not end up looking much better. Although communication may be an issue FCD do seem to have a commitment to getting the product to the customer.

It would be nice if they sorted the little kinks out but I will be ordering again and I recommend the company and their products.


Poor communication

Placed an order, waited a month then had to email every week for an update. Everything was delivered eventually but it took longer than it should and I didn't like having to chase all the time - if they'd bothered to let me know what was going on it would have been much less of an issue.

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My Go-To Online Shop

The title says it all really. I've been ordering from Amazon for years and they have never screwed me around, sent the wrong item, overcharged me or quibbled about a faulty item.

If I have one criticism it is their yo-yo pricing. Camelcamelcamel is a website which tracks Amazon price changes over time and typically on the items I buy the difference between the lowest price an item sells for and the highest can be over 50%.


Less than awesome

I tried to place an order with Wayland in Oct 2012, I asked them to put together a bundle of over 100 paints for me. They declined so I went elsewhere, possibly poor service but no real dramas.

A little while later I did place a small order with them. I was moving house so I selected items which were shown as being in stock on the website then paid for express delivery so that the items would arrive before I left my old house. The order turned up two weeks late after I had moved and I had to pay to have it sent on. I emailed them to ask why they had accepted a payment for rushed shipping if they were unable to fulfil the order. I got a rather curt email back blaming the supplier although this didn't explain why the website showed the item in stock or why they took the money for rush delivery.

Overall moderately **** and best avoided. If you don't actually need any sort of service or they happen to have the only stock in the country of something you need but you aren't fussed if/when it actually arrives then go for it.

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