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EasyBus did not show up at all despite reservation --> missed plane

Made a reservation for a trip from London to Gatwick airport on August 6th at 13:05. We arrived at the bus stop near Earl's court in London around 12:30. One bus stopped at 12:45. I asked whether the driver could take us as he was empty and did not take any passengers, but he told us we had to wait for the next one as that was the one we made a reservation for. Since then, no easybus showed up until 13:50. That bus did not want to take us and only took passengers that reserved for 13:50. Since we were with 5 people, it was impossible to get aboard of some of the buses that did show up after that. By that time, more people had not seen their reserved bus and people were pushing and shouting to get into one of the buses that did show up (maybe half of the reservations). Complete madness at the bus stop. When we finally arrived at Gatwick airport, our 16:25 plane had already left and we ended up with paying 300 GBP to rebook our flight. Bus drivers are all Polish and hardly speak English.

In summary, Easybus claims to be a basic low-cost bus service, which is fine, but that does not place them above the law. If you pay for a certain service in advance under mutual agreement and EasyBus does not deliver any service at all but just takes your money, that is illegal under UK law. Of course I wrote complaint letters etc., but as expected no response whatsoever as they know small customers will not go into expensive legal battles. Is anybody aware of legal collectives to sue Easybus? I am mostly interested.

Easybus seems cheap, but their service is so bad that at the end of the day you pay much more for either alternative transportation or missed planes than when using reliable alternatives such as train or normal bus companies. Not to mention all the stress that you get on top of it. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Especially when you read all these similar experiences you cannot conclude otherwise than that EasyBus is a fraudulent organization.

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