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Good for bail outs and quirky gadgets

Often go to Maplins for parts when I cannot wait for work to order them or at weekends.
Memory chips always double the price of other shops and 3 times the price of the internet.
Always but something even if I didn't go in for it.
Sale items the best time to go as they are close to bargains.
they should have a geek build on week ends like games do with war gaming where budding geeks and interested kid could build small circuits?


You get what you pay for 3 stars for 3rd rate.

no frills no comfort no food no thanks


Cheap and not always cheerful

£18 per month 24 month contract 500 mix and match text or minutes.
sounds good but customer services are via a scripted formulae via Mumbai.
Reception good on mobile when it needs to be. Mobile reception poor at home unless I hang out of my bedroom window.
Contracts ending start of May so will be terminating both phones in preference to a company that offers good reception with reasonable rates.
Star rating should be 2.5 but unable to select this.
Perhaps Trustpilot should be rated for its flexibility?


The ronseal holiday... It was as the brochure said.

The Maldives holiday was fantastic with the location being the best we have seen.
The bits the brochure doesn't mention are all the extras and the price of everyday items to the captive holidaymaker.
The guide should show the price of one cocktail, one pack of bandages. a pack of paracetamol, a snorkel and flipper set, a balinese massage.
Use a template for every Maldivian island so customers can compare the bits you don't normally tell them.

Just Vitamins

Quick clean letterbox lean

Always fits through the letterbox so no running to the post office depot.
I have to buy Lycopene elsewhere because JV only have a low dose compared to all the others.
I buy 15 and 20mg.

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Tim Smith
United Kingdom


55 year old male with arthritis and hypertension hence herbs to add to the rattle.
Shropshire home Electronics engineer.
Archaeology and theatre special effects other interests.
Currently writing a book about life in telecomms and television.