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Students....steer clear!

I first joined HSBC when I started High School as they had a scheme where they were trying to introduce us to banking. I wish I hadn't bothered.

Since starting University I have had countless incidents with this bank and considering I am on a "Student Account" I am convinced some of these things shouldn't have occurred. So, when asked if I needed an overdraft I said yes, presuming the bank was there to help me through, what is of course, a tough three years money-wise. Like most students I have to pay rent and bills as well as trying to support myself, whilst on a part-time wage, I didn't want to ask my parents as I saw this was a time to prove myself and begin to look after myself. Well finding out I was going to fall short on my rent HSBC refused to let me extend my overdraft! I wasn't over it either or at my limit, I still had at least £600 I should of been allowed to extend it by. Not only that but then I was lectured by someone who was very hard to hear and understand on a phone about my credit rating! This is the last thing I need to think about when I'm struggling to buy food! I have also researched that students shouldn't receive credit rating whilst still in full-time education.

The service is very poor, they harass you with calls and stupid times and when you do answer them the people are not helpful in the slightest. Especially with this being a student account I expected a lot more help but instead I am allowed to go over my overdraft and I am then charged! How is this fair and right? The whole point of an overdraft is so you can't exceed that particular amount! Its a huge scam and if you are a student or anyone for that matter....avoid this bank at all costs, they are unreliable, rude and 100% detached from their client. They should enquire about that persons life, not in an intruding way but in a way that could shape their account needs around them. This is the worse bank I have ever experienced and judging by the other reviews I am not the only one that thinks this! I have now started an account with another bank and already I am beginning to realise how truly terrible HSBC are.

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