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No customer support!!

They give you an email to send your questions or problems to, but it's painfully obvious that it's not an actual person. Or if it is, she doesn't understand English. I tried to upgrade 5 different times and it kept saying that my credit card wasn't approved. Of course, I knew that wasn't the case since I even called to check on it. And emailing victoria@easyroommate.com was a complete waste of time. I never received a response at all.
Then I receive an email supposedly from Victoria this morning telling me how happy they are that I was pleased with their service and wanted me to write about my positive experience. I wrote about my experience, but there was nothing positive about it!!!

18 August 2013

Reply from Easyroommate

Dear Elizabeth,

We are sorry to hear about your experience. "Victoria" is the generic name used by the website to send you information about your account. A lot of these emails are indeed automated, when it comes to update you regarding the activity of your account: updates about new potential tenants, new messages waiting for you, confirmation of upgrade or failed attempt to upgrade your Membership...
When you contact us, a dedicated team is here to answer your enquiries, but it will still come from the same email address "victoria@easyroommate.com".
We have checked your history, and all of your emails have been answered. We apologize if our replies haven't made clear for you the reason of your payment failures. Unfortunately, we rely on the information sent by your card issuer about the reason why a payment fails. This information can be really precise, or really generic. In your specific case, we were only informed that your payment is not authorized, without any further information. There is unfortunately nothing we can do to force your card issuer to accept a payment. This is what our team tried to explain you, and this is why they have upgraded your account for free for a few days, time for you to find out more information by contacting your card issuer while being able to keep contacting the members of our site.
We hope this will help you with your search.

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