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delivery was on time however customer services are shocking. item was mis-sold to me, stated it was 5inches thick when its only 2. emailed CS who said "we DO NOT mis-sale items" and then said "not too sure how you would like us to resolve this" what a poor performance.. AVOID this company at all costs.. for the price i paid i expect alot better.. they need new customer services for sure

Royal Mail

I always prefer royal mail over ANY courier

I prefer royal mail purely and simply due to the fact that they always deliver in the morning, the mailmen usually know where to deliver my items if I'm not in which saves the hastle of having to run to the depot the next day to get it.

Even if they do fail to deliver the depot is only a mile away.. I strugle to see why couriers are needed as royal mail is the most reliable company out there for delivering, and as far as im aware, one of the cheapest also.


hit or miss

Amazon used to be my favorite company in terms of price and reliability... but now.. they are awful...

free postage takes forever to dispatch... next day delivery is sent by companies like yodel and now prices are quite extortionate even before delivery charges..

i would no longer reccomend amazon to anyone...


Best service I have EVER experienced.

After selling my old iMac due to it becoming old and useless to me I wanted to invest the money i gained from selling it, into a new gaming computer.

I initially wanted to build a PC myself however i am quite impatient and hate ordering several parts from several different companies and receiving them at several different times, so i decided i would buy a fairly cheap gaming build PC and upgrade as the money became available to me. after shopping around on several different websites and comparing prices i found that ADMI were by far the cheapest, not only were they the cheapest, but the pc specs they were offering were near 2 times better than anyone else. Due to the pricing i thought it was too good to be true.. and thought that somewhere down the line i was going to be faced with an awful customer service or my item would take forever to arrive. After debating the idea for a few days i decided i would go with them and try my luck.

Since i am quite impatient i had sent in an email to support asking about a possible next day deliver, to which i received a prompt reply stating its not something they would usually be able to do but they would try there best to do so for me. due to issues with my payment method i didn't get to pay for the item till about 3 a clock but i had spoken with Paul over the phone who advised me he would do everything he could to get this sent out for me.. about 20 minutes later i received a phone call from Paul who had said that the speakers i had added to my order were not in stock but he recommended a set £10 dearer and gave me them at no extra price.. to this i was amazed, he also advised me that doing so he would get the order sent out on that day.. which it was. The next day i received my PC and plugged it all in, the operating system was already pre-installed and the best thing about it, it wasn't bunged up with all these stupid adds and programs that other sellers use.

Ever since receiving the item i have been in constant contact with Paul from ADMI asking for advice on what i should upgrade the pc with and Paul has been an absolute delight, constantly providing me with detailed info on the recommendation he has given me and has helped me install these products over email.

This company has possibly the best customer services team i have ever experienced, i would gladly have paid double for this pc knowing that the service i would be receiving is so good.

You get what you pay for and tons more with this company, staff are so friendly, responses are very professional and not automated responses that mean nothing to your issue. If you call in you speak to an advisor who knows exactly what he is talking about and is as friendly as you will find. If you email in you wont receive an automated response or some template reply you will receive an actual typed out reply.

I will recommend ADMI to anyone who wishes to buy a new PC. 10 out of 5 stars for this company

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