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No delivery - no explanation.

Waited in for delivery. Status said Eta was 3:14 to 6:14pm. Checked at around 6:00pm and the status suggested at around 5.45 that it was already back at the depot (600?) and said 'Exception' and 'check address'? What does that mean?

Going to assume that the driver couldn't be bothered. Our house has been around since the 1930's and most people find it ok, so I'm not sure why he or she needed to 'check address'?

No call, no email! Rang - no answer, emailed - no answer?

Rubbish 'customer service'.

So, when will we receive our bed? Tracking number: ZWAAXE000215

Not happy and will take this up with the supplier of our bed who presumably have a reputation to protect?

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Amaze balls! !

I have just had a wonderful experience and ordered some money saving items FOR FREE! !!!! Affinity water, thank you so much for helping me to continue saving with your delightful gesture.
Super, smashing, great! ( think that's off Bullseye-showing my age)
thank you.

Pet Supermarket

Great prices, super fast delivery. Brilliant!

I brought some Biorb filter kits and Frontline for the dogs. It all turned up super quick. What an excellent service. Thank you so much


Lovely flavours. Good choices. Makes life feel less stressful without exorbitant cost either. Thankyou.

My 10 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease, so not wishing for her to feel excluded in any way, I have taken to cooking and shopping in a way that we all follow a wheat, barley and rye free diet. It has been hard, but having a few quick and easy pouches are great especially before cubs or scouts as time is of a premium on these evenings. We all have more energy and feel less sluggish in the main. My 13 year old does take himself to the shop on occasion and buys packs of biscuits as he does love them! I generally am putting nothing in the cupboard that my daughter cannot have other than a couple of cereals.
Your sauces are delicious. There are sauces available that are safe but having a few of yours in stock means I am safe and takes the hassle out of reading food labels. Shopping feels like it takes forever now, and I never liked it before, but you can't put a price on health. As an occupational therapist for 16 years In mental health I am fully aware of the detrimental effect of an individual being made to feel very different so your foods help me in my mission of looking after the family as best I can without gluten. Thankyou.

19 August 2013

Reply from ilumi

Nicole, this review is amazing. We're so glad to have found you because you're the kind of person ilumi was meant for all along. You don't know how rewarding it is for us as a team to hear this type of feedback - it's actually quite emotional! Thank you for being our customer and all the very best in your motherly mission.

Sincere thanks

Will, and the rest of the ilumi team.

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