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Wedo Mattresses


In short, the only advice I can possibly give about this company is to stay as far away from them as possible. By saying they are the most incompetent company I ever interacted with I’m in no way exaggerating.
The costumer service was simply terrible, instead of trying to fix the problem they allowed it to linger on and cause more and more delays.

Their deliveries are terrible, they don’t give any time to deliver, just that they can show up at any time of the day whenever they please. They don’t even make a call letting you know they are heading to your house, you just have to sit there the entire day waiting for them (assuming they come at all of course).

Below is a more detailed explanation of what happened.

Saturday, 1st of June: This was the first order I did. It was done two days before the scheduled date for delivery. I understand two days may not seem a lot, but when I called them to confirm they said it was perfectly ok and the mattress would be delivered on the arranged date. It was not delivered, I didn’t even got a call nor a specific reason for it to fail. It simply never arrived. Even when I was finally able to call We Do Mattresses on Monday I didn’t get a correct reply. Since they have this awesome customer service that they have no idea when things get delivered and it can take the whole day (despite their call center closing at 12pm on Saturdays), I had to wait the whole day for something that didn’t arrive.

Saturday, 8th of June: After some call during the week, I was finally able to get another date for a delivery on the following Saturday. Promises that it would be delivered were many, but when I called them to confirm it was going to get delivered they said it wouldn’t. Something had gone wrong again. I tried to get a decent reply from them, to figure out what was wrong, something had to have gone wrong since it was now the second time it failed, but no one knew anything. It was a mystery to them all.

Saturday, 15th of June: Maybe the third’s time a charm. But no. This time it was even more ridiculous, since I was already pretty much expecting it not to be delivered, I started calling them right away in the morning to try to figure out if it was going to get delivered. This time I couldn’t even get through to anyone. I called four times and waited for someone to pick up, nothing. All those times I also left voice messages, never got a reply. Not even on the next Monday when I would expect their customer service to finally start doing some work, I never got a reply to my phone calls and messages. I had to call them again to try to know what had happened for the third time. No one knew. There was a problem with the pickup from the supplier, obvious. But what was being done to fix it? Nothing obviously because it would happen again. By now I was calling them daily two or three days before to confirm it would be delivered, they kept saying it would.

Saturday, 22th of June: By now customer service finally started to talk a bit of what was going on. They still had no idea what was going on or why things kept going wrong. At this Saturday the delivered failed again. Awesome. They finally started giving some explanation of what was going on, there was a problem with some labels that fell off (they have to use some really bad labels for them to keep falling off, whatever). By now the situation actually started to be funny. I was almost interested in knowing how long this would actually last. By now they had arranged a delivery on Thursday with no extra charge.

Tuesday, 25th of June: So they call me, out of the blue. “I’m in front of your house with the mattress”. Here I was thinking it was on Thursday. Later I found out that this delivery was never meant to come to me. It was meant to go back to the supplier and for some odd reason it got delivered to my house. The problem was that no one was able to confirm me that it was the correct mattress. I called We Do Mattresses and no one in God’s name was able to confirm it was the correct mattress.I’m not sure if this was a mess up from We Do Mattresses, but may have been a mess up from the delivery company Tuffnells. I had to leave work in a hurry to get a mattress no one knew if it was the correct one.

Thursday, 27th of June: So finally got the mattress. Had to leave work again, but at least this time it was planned. They scheduled a morning delivery (if you consider 12:30pm a morning delivery anyway). But the mattress was exactly the same size as the previous one. Even in this delivery, the driver came to the house and I guess he didn’t understood how to work the doorbell and decided to leave with the mattress still on the truck. About 10 minutes after I got a call from Tuffnells saying they had tried to deliver and had failed. I said it was impossible because I was home the entire morning. I complained with the lady that phoned me and said it was the fifth time this delivery had failed. Eventually and after realising the incompetence of all involved, the lady phoned the driver and he came back.
Again no one could confirm it was the right one, no one knew for sure. Apparently, when dealing with We Do Mattresses, it is impossible to know for sure if what you get is exactly what you ordered and paid for. I had to measure the mattress to make sure it was at least the correct size and had to contact Repouse to see if they could confirm it was the correct one. They confirmed it.

So after 4 failed deliveries, a bunch of mess ups, being totally incapable of confirming the delivery of the correct mattress and never providing a reason why any of this happened, I finally got the mattress.

You may claim I should have just cancelled the order and choose another company, perhaps. But I wanted a specific mattress for health reasons and the price was indeed the best I could find.

Anyway, this is what I have to say regarding this so called company. Terrible customer service, terrible delivery terms, terrible delivery schedules. Terrible in general. They possess a level of incompetence that I am yet to encounter anywhere else. If you can afford it, and reiterating my advice, don’t use this company.

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