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I never thought this would happen. as you can see I bank with barcalys and it dont seem to be a very good bank to bank with. I have been missing money from my account a few times before and everytime I complain barclays never sort it out. I have wrote to them about 2 months ago and they have not replyed back yet. Well last month they suspended my account so I couldn't do anything with it, take money out, put money in , or even pay my bills. I had to wait 2 weeks to get hold of my money after making loads of phone calls and having to go through security and waiting ages on the phone and dealing with rude people on the phone. Just 2 weeks ago now they decided to suspend my account again I called customer services again they had put me tthrough to the right department that deals with these things. I asked them why is my card suspended again and told me to read my terms and conditions, because they can suspend people accounts whenever they want to and they dont even have to tell me why. Well ok so now I need money I asked if I could get some cash out they told me I had to go to the counter and I will be able to get cash out. Well I got there showed my id and everythin and now the people at the branch are telling me that I cant take any cash out because my account is suspended I nicely explained to them that the people on the phone sayd if I wanted some cash I could get it at the counter. They still not wanted to give me cash then they were saying that I needed proof of address but i still cudnt take money out my own account. Lol. Well but its not funny at all. I have a baby at home she just turned 1 I had no food electricity or gas in the house I make my shopping weekly. I explained all this to the branch manager in tears and all he did was say he understands my situation but still I couldnt get any cash out. I dont have any family living near me to help How could this be right it is my account. After this is all finishd I will close my account with them. I do not recommend barclays to no one. They put you in situations you should never have to go through.

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Jessica Fernandes Da Silva
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