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Brilliant, quick replies and more than amazing machine.

I ordered this laptop as I was going away for 4 days expecting it to be nearly ready when I got back, unfortunately it did not work out that way, it took 20 days in total to turn up! However I E-mailed the company asking what was happening as nothing changed for more than 12 days saying it was in "Pre-Production" I got a very polite and very quick reply from a "Jack" explaining there was a delay, admittedly this was an inconvenience, but once it arrived the driver was lovely, asked for my signature etc all normal, then the fun began!

My packet arrived in a HUGE box (I ordered a bag and a few other bits too) I opened it all up looking and drooling over everything, it was brilliantly packed! not a thing was moving, very good. I then turned on my laptop, very little noise especially considering this beast has the GTX 780M and a Intel i7-4800MQ processor. I installed a few bits for the Blu Ray etc. not really a problem but it did take a while\to install everything.

Now, the speed of this is amazing, the screen it really impressive very bright and clear, and the keyboard types SO quietly (something my Fiancé can find annoying with my older laptop) I installed a few games from the steam summer sale which took a LONG time to download, however once I connected it to a friends Fibre Optic it took a few hours so the Killer wireless card is brilliant! BE WARNED It doesn't seem to find flash though so I can't measure my actual internet speed with my actual network card (always 3rd party if I was curious so not too bad) also it took a good week for a few teething problems when it kept disconnecting randomly, but its been more than a week when it hasn't so I think it has cleared up now (PHEW!) as I mentioned earlier the laptop is very quiet when watching movies or internet browsing etc however when I boot up tomb raider it is definitely noticeable in my PERSONAL opinion I don't think its that bad, its definitely there don't get me wrong but I have read another review when they said it was amazingly loud, I don't find it too bad.

GAMES: Skyrim and Tomb raider both play on max settings (I'm not sure about FPS but very smooth) also Red alert 3 and Tiberium wars 4 also play flawlesly even in huge battles! It doesn't get get too hot, either!

Thats my nutshell review! I have owned 2 laptops by these people, and both are amazing! I can't encourage you to very seriously consider these.

Brilliant company AMAZING Laptop

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