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Disorganized, shambolic, and rude

Sent a package to son in USA as a birthday present. After it wasn't delivered on time and no contact made with me I looked on tracking and saw customs delay. Phoned fedex, and first told that needed to fill in a "footwear declaration form". Then told that package was delayed because not submitted to customs but it would be and delivered in 2 days. Then told it was going to be returned to me,. Then told they wouldn't talk to me any more about it because I am not the sender!!! A couple of agents were rude and uninterested. One was good, but did not help. Package is now 6 days late, tracking status is showing how it was 6 days ago in customs delay. Complete shambles of a company. If you like getting stressed, then send parcels via Fedex!

City Link

Say they attempt delivery but don't

Waited in today for CityLink delivery from Amazon (why they use them I don't know, perhaps they are cheap). Watched tracking online and front door. At 12:16 they posted the driver had attempted delivery but noone was home and left a card. Since I was watching the door at the time, highly unlikely unless he was invisible and the card he left was invisible too.

This is now the fifth time CityLink have done this to me. Perhaps my house is on the end of their delivery route and so when time comes for an early day it is my parcels that get left on the van.

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Amazon are losing business because of HDNL

Unfortunately Amazon are now using this company but hopefully not for much longer as they are totally unreliable. City Link used to be bad, but HDNL have put my "parcel on the van" and had it out for delivery and never attempted delivery twice now in the last month. THey jsut seem to put it on the van early in the mornuing and take it back to the depot in the evening, then (sometimes) try again the next day.

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