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Up there with the worst experience of customer service in my life

I bought a graphics card from this shop which turned out to be faulty, I returned it to them and asked for my money back but they wanted to test it first. I told them the card had a problem with the digital output as the screen would flash even as the computer loaded and this only happened after 4 hours of using the card. I put my old graphics card back in but it worked perfectly so it wasn't something with my connections but I did wonder if there may be a problem with a hardware conflict (although my motherboard was Asus and so was the graphics card).

When I was at the shop I was genuinely interested in whether this was something I was doing wrong to which I barely got a one word response, in fact the guy at the desk seemed to not listen to a word I was saying but they took my details and said they'd call after they checked it.

Two days later I get a call saying they've done 40 hours of tests and the card is fine. So this makes me wonder again if this is something I've done, but as said before I have a working computer and I did check the card in 2 SLI slots; it didn't seem to make sense.

So when I get a chance to go into the shop they brought me the card and wanted me to take it, I said not until I've seen it working to which they gather a group together to decide if I can go to the back office but the guy in charge finally decides to have one of his staff use a display model to see.

Whilst the guy is setting it up I ask the manager what he thinks but again 1 word answers and no help at all, I couldn't believe they run a business like this even if I was wrong which I assumed I was going to be as they'd done 40 hours testing they should try and be nice about it but they clearly thought I was an idiot.

Meanwhile the staff member had set up the display PC and turned it on and it started loading normally. I was starting to think maybe I was an idiot when I noticed that they had used an analog monitor, I questioned the staff member and he assured me that the analog transformer is the same as the digital out which was obviously rubbish, I questioned him further and he then states that the analog part uses less pins than the digital and again very begrudgingly goes to get a digital connector.

Well when he finally tries the digital out on the card lo and behold it didn't work, at this point I feel vindicated but mad as hell, these guys lied to me on a number of occasions, and, had they listened to me in the first instance they could have had a good customer for life instead they get this review. It was shameful really.

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