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Do not use this company, expensive, charge by the hour and work very, very slowly.

I made a booking for a glasier to fix a broken window by phone. I asked how much it would cost. The answer was vague. I was told it depended on how long it would take and how much glass was used. I gave the size of the window and was told it depended what sort of glass we used. They seemed incapable of giving a straight answer. The following day the glazier arrived and when I asked him how much it would cost he again gave the same vague answer. I managed to extract from him the cost of the glass but he seemed incapable of telling me how long it would take. He removed the broken glass quickly enough but after that things slowed down considerably. Everything he did in slow motion. It was quite obvious that he was trying to make the job last as long as possible. They charge by the hour. In the end I had to tell to go and finished it myself in a matter of minutes.

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