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Do T-Mobile use Ye Olde Horse & Cart Couriers?

I have been a loyal contracted customer with t-mobile for 13 years. When I joined it was called one2one. Service has been not great but ok until now....
My phone developed a fault, and after many phone calls to Technical Support and two new sim cards they decided that I should take my phone to the local EE store to be sent off for repair.
According to the EE Repair Tracker:
My phone sat in the EE Shop for 8 days.
On the 8th day they despatched it to the Repair Centre via Courier.
it took EIGHT days for it to arrive at the Repair Centre.
I phoned up the Technical Support team, and they said that it is usual for a phone to take over a week from being given to the courier to arriving at the Repair Centre. I could not believe this. I asked them why the courier took so long, and asked if they used a Horse and Cart, though I think a horse and cart could do the 120miles in less than 8 days.
I think tmobile like the number 8 because it took another 8 days in the Repair Centre before someone looked at it. I guess that i'll have to wait another 8 days to find out what happens next.
I have filled in the "Contact us" form on the repair centre website 3 times over the last two weeks. All three times I was promised a response within 2 days but as yet no response received.
I have tried phoning the repair centre today, but after going through all the menus I got a message saying that all their operators were too busy and I should try again later.
I tried to find how to complain to t-mobile on their website. It says dial 150. Am I the only one that keeps going round and round in circles on their 150 menus and can only speak to someone if you say that you want to leave t-mobile, or if you say that you need technical support?
The guy on the retentions team said tha if I wanted to make a complaint then I would have to write to them as they did not have a phone number that I could complain to. I suggested as a Telecommunications Company that they should have a phone number for complaining. He said that he would ask a colleague and then disconnected me.

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