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No problems with my booking and at an excellent price

I just booked a last minute return British Airways flight from Heathrow to Frankfurt..

The E-tiicket arrived in my inbox within 4 minutes of the booking. The price on the British airways site was £719. On BudgetAir the same flight was only £181.
A fantastic saving and I'm happy with the service.

Hughes Direct

Great Service, Competitve Pricing. Would buy form this company again.

Ordered a Samsung EcoBubble washer from Hughes Direct to replace a failed Indesit washer. I will NEVER buy Indesit again - failed twice in 3 years and Indesit wanted over £109 to fix it with a 90 day warranty or over £170 to fix it with a 12 month warranty - I paid less than £170 for it brand new! You get what you pay for with Indesit - rubbish product and rubbish service. My advice - avoid Indesit, Creda and Hotpoint as they are all the same company.

Samsung offers 5 years warranty and I got a free Samsung Galaxy tab with it. Very pleased with new machine so far and much better build quality than the Indesit rubbish.

Hughes Direct delivered on time with no problems

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