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Thieves and Liars

Same as Three, Lie about contracts, pricing etc. Won't let you cancel without a charge even when the contract is up. Avoid. The reason it's not a 1 star is because the signal is decent in London.

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secretly stole my money for over 6 months

After an account cancellation, they refused to acknowledge this, even going as far as calling me a liar despite my letter of account cancellation. Joke company, hopefully won't be around much longer. Scumbags to the max. After my complaint even tried to ask me to upgrade. Indian man on the phone, couldn't tell a word he was saying and he even gave his name as William Somerset, yes, Morgan Freeman's character from se7en. I'm not kidding. I've been on o2 ever since and i've never been happier.

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TV for the Idiot masses

I couldn't mark ITV lower. What used to be an OK at best channel in the 90's/ early 00's has morphed into pure drivel. It takes every program, removes the content, puts some laughing presenter on it, adds a sob story or nine and then churns it out week after week to the smiling idiot masses. Programmes like Splash, X Factor, BGT, even as far as a gardening program, i'm serious, contains nothing but soppy sob stories about that time when someones dog ran away. It's pure shite. I personally feel insulted by it's programmes. It regularly tries to paint these idiots (see Towie) as some form of elite, something that should be aspired to. People complain about the sport but at least it is accurate, real. It seems like a pastiche of our world, dumbed down, irrelevant television. I actually wonder about who pitches these programmes, Plebs for example. It's someone who watched the Inbetweeners and thought, I know what will make this better, copy it's style but put it in Rome. Hopeless. I have many examples, too many to write about. Hopefully ITV will find it's feet again and give quality programmes a chance again, you can make up it hasn't been that long since you broke up.

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