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Good service but web site problems

I have an enormous old Bestgreen lawnmower. It's made by Electrolux in the USA, the same company that makes Flymo, McCulloch, and a host of other brands. It's done a great job for many years, but the traction system consists of small steel pinions working in large plastic wheels. Naturally, the pinions eventually strip the teeth off the wheels - they usually last just two seasons. The first time they failed, I had great difficulty finding replacements as the Bestgreen brand is rare in the UK. Eventually I tracked down the part number of the wheels used on the equivalent Flymo model,and I've been able to order them from 4ourhouse ever since. The orders go through with no problem and delivery times have consistently improved until delivery is now almost next-day. BUT - while I can find the wheels by searching for the part number, the web site ignores it from then on. What actually appears on the order page is a pair of 'Flymo wheel and tire (sic) assemblies'. That's all - No part number - not even a reference to the models on which they are used. I don't know for sure that they are the correct part until they arrive.
As far as I am aware, all Flymo, McCulloch and the other Electrolux products come with full diagrams showing all the spare parts with their corresponding part numbers. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the 4ourhouse website could show these rather than relying on anonymous brief descriptions.

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