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Just Eat

I feel really deceived by Just Eat..

I have been buying food from Smokeys in Parkstone for a couple of months now through Just Eat (food from them is GREAT for the record).. I do buy from them at least twice a week..

Tonight i decided to call them direct instead of going through Just Eat.. to find out that minimum order is £10 for delivery.. when i order through Just Eat, they explain that minimum delivery is £15 & wont let you proceed if the order does not exceed this amount.. then charge 50p for a card transaction.. i have been buying unnecessarily for months & they clearly make commission on bigger orders..

Possibly, I would put this down to not keeping the site up to date enough & not ensuring company & restaurant policies are updated accordingly..

I feel cheated & have wasted a lot of money, will not be using them again.

The app does not work either..


21 September 2013

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Hey Francesca,

Sorry to hear you feel this way with regards to this particular takeaway. I can confirm though the takeaways are the ones who choose what their minimum order value is, we do not have any say in this as they are individually owned as are all the takeaways on the website.

Also Francesca, the 50p card fee is charged by the takeaway/restaurant and this reflects the restaurant and JUST EATs' costs in relation to accepting online payment for your order. Some takeaways pay this amount themselves and some pay it partially. In this case the takeaway chooses to pass this over to the customers.

If you need more information Francesca, you can get in touch with us at


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Best network provider out of all.

I have been on vodafone (absolute scam), 3 (bad customer service in general) & orange which have all been a nightmare. O2 are by far the best provider all round and i have been with them for 2 years, customer service is great, signal is better than most, they dont overcharge you or
mess you about, i even signed up to pay an extra £10 a month for an iphone5 just to be on o2 rather than any other network.

At the end of the day, with sorting out issues you have to go direct to managers. Everyone working for any provider are going to be the same, it depends whos on the other end of the phone. Although it shouldnt have to be like it, if you get rudeness back from a representative, just hang up & redial and you will eventually find someone who will help you.

Just remember, when you are feeling angry & frustrated with the service your given, thats when your more likely to write a review to express your frustration. The best way to find out what network is for you is to ask family and friends for their recommendations.

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