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The is nowhere better...

If you love your food / wine and live outside of Central London then to my mind there is nowhere that stocks such an impressive range of quality ingredients and produce as Waitrose. I regularly cook a wide variety of delicious home cooked meals using products from the essentials range which represents stunning value and you don't have to look to hard to find a drinkable bottle of wine under the £7 mark. I just wish that the freshly baked breads did not sell out so early at my local store which forces me to visit M & S on the way back from work , where the bread is not as authentic but at least they have it on the shelf after 7pm.


The very worst...

As a business seller I don't think I have ever met a more useless and incompetent outfit such as Hermes , The drivers are at their whits end because there is no clear management , everything seems to be done on an Ad Hoc basis - We had items go missing by the dozen and as for the website , my god I could write a diatribe on the shortcomings of that , in fact I could go on all night but I wont - suffice it to say ' Hermes is NOT for purpose'

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The worst...(But not quite as bad as [external reference])

Over a week ago a Yodel driver collected 22 Parcels from us in error. They were labelled up to be sent by [external reference] but he still took them. Ok I can forgive stupidity but gross negligence I cannot. Yodel has no idea where the 22 boxes are and it's now fair to assume that the items are lost forever. So I need to decide if I use the Police or the Small Claims Court in order to pursue this matter. It would be jolly nice if someone ( anyone) from Yodel would make contact with me. 07980 591 966

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