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AVOID!!! I'd rather be forced to eat wild rats than to have anything more to do with 3 network.

Stay away from 3 network! This company is so bad, they should be banned! They don't care what they do to you as long as they're making money. I have no connection where I live, so I hardly used their service. I tried to cancel my contract, but they wouldn't let me. I had the phone put down on me 3 times after asking them to cancel my contract. So I went to the 3 network store and they told me I can only cancel by phone call. I told them that I'm unable to cancel because they keep putting the phone down on me. I asked them at the store if they could call them and cancel it for me, but they refused and told me to go home and try calling again.

So I decided to go to the bank and cancel my direct debit to stop 3 from taking more money. Then a few weeks later, I was getting phone calls from 3 network about 2-3 times a day, pestering me for money. I told them I'm not paying for a service I haven't been able to use. I would have actually paid for the little usage I did have if the didn't put the phone down on me when I tried to cancel. For that reason, I'm not paying a penny. It's cost me enough money in phone calls. But they didn't listen, they kept calling and asking for money.

I am not surprised there are so many bad reviews here. 3 network are the WORST company I have ever had to deal with. Don't even think about going with them. AVOID!!!

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