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Never use BT. They are absolutely terrible.

When I first signed up to BT on an eighteen month contract, I wasn't worried about the length of this contract due to BT’s “Moving Home” service. I remember thinking, “well if I need to move house after a few months, that’s no problem, I’ll just move my BT service with me”.
When I did move home, I realised just how wrong I was.
I was staying briefly at a friend’s place whilst I was trying to find something new. So I call up BT to try and get my services suspended whilst I find somewhere new. Note I was trying to suspend only my services, not payment, I was happy to keep paying the monthly fee.
BT tell me they can’t suspend internet services, and can only block outgoing calls for a fee (of £25, despite the fact that it took them a minute to do). So I had to settle with the thought that the new tenant of my old flat could use a BT router to access heavens knows what on a connection in my name, and only me paying £25 was stopping him from doing the same with the phone line.
So when I complained to BT on the phone about this, they informed me that they are unable to suspend a service. I emailed several times, and eventually received one reply which stated that not only would I have to accept any charges for SOMEONE ELSE using my services, but that if someone moved into my old place and set up internet there before I could move my services somewhere else, I would be charged the cancellation fee (of £200), even though this is something I have no control over and was not attempting to stop or suspend paying my monthly fee.
So I complained to the communications ombudsman. It took two months for them to get back to me with an answer. They were polite enough but frankly have no clout whatsoever. They said they couldn’t deal with this as it was a “commercial decision made by BT” (as in something BT is doing? So what exactly can they deal with?). Nor did they make any reference to my complaint at being charged £25 for BT to block outgoing calls from my number. The ombudsman is useless and clearly don’t challenge BT at all. I shouldn’t have been too surprised seeing as how readily BT advertise going to them on the BT website.
My advice, no matter how tempting a BT contract may look, DON’T DO IT! There customer service is non-existent and they squeeze money out of for doing (poorly) things they should already be doing.

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