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Third time lucky?

My first order from Argos Home Delivery was last June when my partner and I moved into our own home together. We did this knowing that we would need to save to buy a lot of the furniture whilst we were there. So we bought our bed from another company which we had within the first week and had enough left over to order our couch. After scouring the internet, we found the desired couch on Argos' website. We promptly ordered it and had a waiting time of three weeks, which we had expected and were fine with. My father in law surprised us with a last minute trip to Barcelona and agreed to sit in on delivery day and receive the couch. So there he sat, 7am to 6pm (as the delivery notes stated) but no couch came. When we came back from our holiday we called Argos. Apparently the couch had been out of stock the whole time and even prior to my payment being made to a human on the phone. Long story short, after speaking to an abrupt, rude woman on the telephone, I received a full refund and found the couch on Gumtree from new at £100 less and received it the next day.

Move forward over a year. I am currently sat waiting for a set of weights (which I ordered Tuesday and paid an additional £3.00 for Saturday delivery between 7am and 6pm) which does not seem to be arriving. I tried to use the order tracker, but that isn't working at the moment. So I'm out of pocket just shy of £50, no sign of my purchase arriving and they've had the utter nerve to ask for £3.00 Saturday delivery (the exact words on the website). I am absolutely fuming. Argos, what are you playing at?

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