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Arbico Computers

Unqualified praise

I wonder why so many people when they decide to buy a PC opt for the big players and the well known high street stores. They inevitably have to pay for expensive overheads, and if something goes wrong with their purchase they all too often find that no-one wants to know.

When I bought my PC (which was my first one) I decided to follow the recommendation of the monthly magazine PC Adviser rather than buy the conventional thing from the likes of Dell or PC World. I noticed that they strongly recommended PCs from a company called Arbico whom I had never heard of, but since the company came top of their charts for several months I decided to go with them.

When I phoned up to place an order I suppose I was expecting it all to be a bit over my head since I was new to the thing and didn't entirely know what I was talking about. But the person who dealt with me couldn't have been more patient and helpful and he made it his business to discuss with me exactly what it was I needed.

My order was duly processed and everything arrived exactly as promised. In contrast to all the horror stories I read about the trouble many people seem to have with their PCs I can happily say that nothing has ever gone wrong with my own Arbico purchase which has to date given four years of trouble-free service. I will say that in the initial stages there were perhaps a couple of things I wasn't sure about or didn't understand because I was unfamiliar with it all. On these occasions I did call on Arbico for help, and whatever assistance I needed was gladly given. A couple of years ago I found that my PC had, in spite of a Norton security system, picked up some sort of virus, and I contacted them for advice. I was advised to re-install the Vista operating system and some very helpful guidance was given to me which enabled me to carry out the task successfully.

Recently I decided to re-install the operating system again and all went well apart from the need to reinstate the audio driver. I wasn't prepared to trust the various sites on the internet who offer to download drives or whatever. I knew the safest and securest way was to email Arbico and ask them for the necessary assistance. Although my PC is long since out of its guarantee they very promptly and efficiently gave me the help I needed.

The reputation of any company depends entirely on the quality of its product and the attention given to its customers. Arbico scores full marks in both these areas. I would certainly turn to them for a future purchase and on the strength of my own experience I gladly recommend an Arbico to others in the market for a new PC.

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