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Great for booking your own holiday from scratch.

We frequently use Expedia to book our holiday's from scratch, including flights, hotels and cars, always helpful especially the map search for hotels.
Only word of warning when planning multi-stops holidays, lay off the Red Wine as things start getting more expensive after the third glass; this is not Expedia's fault. :-)


They are a huge Supermarket, what do you expect

I hate supermarket shopping, but our locol Sainsbos seems to be no worst than the rest of them.


effecient and cheap

Only complaint is with one of their Market Place sellers. I purchased the TomTom window mount thinking I'd get the original TomTom mount as pictured. What I received was nothing like what I was expecting (if only I had read the reviews before purchasing). I entered negative feedback about the reseller, and received an email from them asking me to take it down! Not quite the customer service I normally received from an Amazon Reseller.

Virgin Atlantic

Premier Economy from MAN to MCO a bit old.

Seats a bit taddy and in the inflight entertainment is well past its sell by date.
I expected more for the money we spent on a ticket.

Mazuma Mobile

It is very simple to use.

Only pain is getting the long number off the phone, especially if it doesn't work, other than that very straight forward.
Argos Card turned up within days of the order being completed.

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