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As a long standing customer of BT, having a phone line and Infinity with them, I rang them on the 15th of July 2013 to tell them I would be moving house on the 22nd July, and that I would like to take my services with me. No probs, they said. They would stop my current services on the date requested, and would install the same package at my new address on the 27th July after I had signed a new 18 month contract. Ok.
About 9pm on the the eve of my installation date, I received a rambling text saying, 'sorry we missed your appointment, please contact to rebook'!
As I had no home phone nor internet at this stage, I had to go to my father's house to use his phone where I was kept on hold for half an hour then cut off, then queue waiting for another half an hour before speaking to someone who said my installation date was now the 2nd August. I resigned myself to this and waited. On the 1st Aug - quelle surpris - another cancellation text telling me to rebook!
This time, my Fiance rang from his mobile, and was in a queue for 40 mins then kept on hold for 35 mins. When he finally got to speak to someone (in India), he got the usual scripted apologies and was eventually told my installation would be done on the 14th Aug. My Fiance told the operator that was no good as we were on holiday and that we wanted it doing before we went away. We were told to await a call. Three days later, I received a call saying because my 'situation was unacceptable', my installation would be done on the 4th Aug. Hurrah, we thought. But no. Along came another text two days before, saying that the phone engineer could not make it on that day, therefore the broadband also would not be able to be installed!! By this point, I had taken/booked 3 days unpaid leave from work and spent 10+ hours on the phone to the Indian automatons. My final call to them consisted of the same sickly platitudes and lies and promised installation on the 19th Aug. On the 6th of Aug, I received a text saying there would be an 'unforseen delay to my installation on the 19th'. By this point my Fiance and I were livid. He rang BT and told them to cancel the order, as we would rather have nothing than continue being made a fool of. They agreed to cancel the order but said I would owe £160 as I was 'still in contract'! Fiance explained that THEY cancelled the services at our old address, as we wanted to take services to NEW address, not leave BT, and that had we not been moving, we would still be a customer. It was THEIR fault for failing to provide a service in a reasonable amount of time, that made up our minds to cancel the 'new' order.
The next day, I rang Virgin, (who I swore I would never go back to after poor experiences with their Indian call centres). However, my options were limited as all other providers require a BT line, so I had no choice. Virgin gave me the date 23rd Aug for my installation, but I felt 'I will believe it when I see it'. No late night texts, no pre-installation eve cancellations, instead, Virgin turned up bright and early at 9am on 23rd, and were all done and dusted by 9.40! Hurrah! Phone and broadband! - I was no longer an outcast of society.
Two days later, I receive an email notification from BT for an 'unpaid' BT bill to the tune of £27.57, and that if I didn't pay, I would get a £7.50 late payment charge added to the total! This bill was for services supposedly used at my new address, bearing in mind they didn't even get as far as installing any services!! Thankfully, I never used direct debit so they couldn't automatically take the payment.
Once more, trusty Fiance spoke to someone after waiting more than 40 minutes. They apologized, confirmed it was an error, I didn't owe anything, and y charges would be waived re cancellation, and that we wouldn't hear from them again. Thank **** for that, we thought. Lo and behold, yesterday, I receive yet another 'unpaid' bill reminder, except this time they get heavy, saying the £7.50 late payment charge has now been added, and threats of my credit score being ruined when it gets passed to debt collectors. Once more onto the phone and another 30 minute wait. Fiance recounts the whole mess to the operative, who passes him to someone else without telling them why he is ringing so he has to repeat the whole thing again. This happened twice more, whereupon my fella was getting really quite angry by now.Just when he thought she was finally understanding, she said the amount 'would be credited to our next bill'! At this point he bellows down the phone to her that we are no longer customers, never again will be customers, so what the hell was she taking about a 'next bill' for?? Eventually, he got her to agree to put in writing that my account was closed and that I do not owe them a bean. If anything, I should send BT an invoice for our time and money wasted. I will never ever again go anywhere near BT. Their prices were extortionate, and the Infinity was **** - nowhere near the speeds they promised, continual lagging/buffering and frequent drop outs. People, save yourself lots of sleepless nights, mouth ulcers and grey hairs - don't even touch BT with someone else's barge pole. You have been warned...

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