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FoneHub Limited

Brilliant and efficient

Compared the price as others seemed far too low, then found this company. Requested an envelope got it super fast, sent it off and within 5 days received and paid. Superb couldn't ask for more really.


Perfect service

Just purchased Sim City Cities of Tomorrow, was eager to play it expecting a typical 12 hour wait time or something. Not at all paid and got the key within 3 minutes allowing me to play straight away, just what I like. Great service.

Farm and Pet Place

Great prices and down to earth delivery prices for once

Ordered some rabbit food and came across Farm and Pet Place supplying it cheaper, not only cheaper but postage and packaging also much more affordable. Seems very good to me and will use again.


Really bad site and no staff

I had to apply for a job using Vacancy Central which I later wanted to cancel my account as I'm registered on enough recruiting websites as it is. However clicking close account didn't do anything apart from display a blank page when I clicked it, nor does it allow you to delete old CV's even if you have multiple. It seems like a deliberate attempt to keep your details on the website, I contacted them twice but no one replies naturally. Register on more decent websites as these seem pathetic.


Skrill/Moneybookers absolutely terrible

Started to get emails about attempted access to my account, to which I changed my password three times and chose a complex one for each time I reset it. I still continued to get attempted access emails, so wrote to the company saying I have changed my password many times now and just wondering if you can see who keeps trying to gain access because I can't do much more.

Because I contacted them they then blocked my account and forced me to do another password change. I did that and emailed back saying that is not the issue I have done this so many times now, and then the reply I got to that told me my account has been disabled again forcing me to change the primary email address. I said I don't want to change that I had that email for years I don't see why I should change it now and never had any other issues on other websites. But yet again more scripted replies and in the end I told them to shove it and close the account they are not worth my energy.

Support are clueless and this company is a sinking ship, stick to other payment methods.

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Fast customer service and great product

Currently on 76Mbps FTTC and not had one problem, customer service easily reachable by phone or via forums.


Fast service good products

First time ordering and they came really fast with professional labelling and the product was very good. Would use again.


A super handy service

If you find yourself having to send out mail sometimes to people whether it is general letters, or covering letters with a CV this site is really handy. Especially if you don't have any stamps or the correct size envelopes, all you need to do is upload money in your account write it online choose your postage options and paper etc click send and done.

Saved me a lot of hassle thank you.


Very good service

Ordered a flight cage for the birds, got it the next day but found the cage was built really poorly and couldn't put it together. I found another cage that looked a lot better, paid the difference and got the replacement the next day. I then packaged up the old one and they arranged a collection. Thanks for the good service.


No support

Went to sign up with Vectone but in a way glad I stopped. For one when you sign up and it asks your card number / bank information the page seems to be unencrypted, so anyone can see it.
Wrote to support by email got no response, rang them directly and when it said connecting to a customer service rep I just got loud static noises. By all means if you want a cheap network go for it, but if you have a problem just remember support is non existant and be careful of no SSL (at time of writing).


Unreliable uptime

Been with them for around a year at least, and within that time I have experienced so many loss of services. I know some can't be helped but has to be said with GiffGaff they are certainly too regular. Many cases of networking going down, losses of text service, voice, data or even all of them at once.

Moving to another provider, I would rather pay slightly more but get slightly less in terms of tariff but at least the service will be reliable that's for sure. GiffGaff has been an absolute joke.

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Very nice staff

Great service always kept me up to date, and were very helpful. Will definitely use again the only thing I would change is the delivery service. As the people I got were not english and didn't speak much of it.

31 March 2013

Reply from ao.com

Dear Jack

Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

I am happy to hear the service you received was good and the commuinciation was helpful.

I'm sorry the delivery has let you down, I'll send this feedback to our Quality Team.

Kind Regards

Jacqui - Appliances Online



Purchased Sim City and got the key within 10 minutes, thank you.


Laughable call centre staff

Just rang up to cancel my subscription, went through the questions most would ask why you are leaving etc. Gave my details around 4 times because the person on the phone was so hard to understand, and then when I passed security got asked the next set of questions.

I was trying to be sold a package for £9.99 to be alerted for all sorts of things, I said no thanks and then was held for longer again going through a big script trying to sell me another package for £1.99 a month for identity theft. I also said no thanks at that and then he decides to question me and said literally, well how would you know then when someone applies for credit using your details? So I just replied and said sorry but that isn't my concern at the moment nor should it be yours.

Finally got it cancelled, but prepare for a mountain of questions when trying to cancel.

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Scan Computers

Clear and concise, fast service and support.

Have used Scan for years and still do because of good prices and products. The product pages make it easy to see all the information about the item, and I like how all products are sorted by price low to high automatically.

When I have used support to change an item for example, they have always replied extremely fast. A perfect company especially if you build your own PC's, it has everything you need.


Cheap and fast service

Used these when I needed a certificate printing, simply uploaded the PDF chose the layout paid and done. Very simple and cheap, received within 2 days. Would definitely use again.


Laughable company

Used them once and once was enough, sent flowers way too early and support was just scripted and useless. Seems to be ran by some entrepreneur who clearly doesn't have a clue, just a fancy website to hide the lack of professionalism.


Great service and products

Some products are slightly expensive and some not, but ordered 12 packs of Suet Cakes for Wild Birds at a great price and they came really quickly. Was impressed and would definitely use again thank you.


Took 10% off for an extremely small scratch

Sent in my phone and ended up getting a revised offer because of an extremely small scratch on the front screen, laughable really when I could send it to somewhere else and get the value I was supposed to get. What a bunch of cow boys that was truly pathetic.


Good for convenience but charge ridiculous fees for selling

A good site and some good deals but if you are selling they charge silly fees and then charge you more fees for receiving money on PayPal. Silly.


Don't waste your time to idiotic moderators

Wonderful site and some great deals, but unfortunately you get the typical moderators who sit there all day nit picking over the most silliest of things.

I got an infraction on my account from someone called 'sigma', all I did was post a link I copied and pasted from an email. It was a link for 25% off Hungry House, of which I get nothing from it. Yet I was being accused of personal referrals, shows how much they know. Contacted the moderator explained it all and offered to forward the original email, never did ask for it though. So all that hassle for trying to share a simple 25% off voucher, how pathetic can you be?

The site is let down majorly by the children who have moderator rights. It's a case of they have no power in their lives, so they have to come to a community site to get their fix for what their lives already lack. If you can get rid of the kids it would be good.

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Never again will I use Quidco

Terrible support and unreliable cashback service on some transactions, took me over a year to get what I deserved on one instance. The support either always lied about it or closed the ticket obviously hoping I wouldn't notice.


In regards to the reply I got, I emailed you like you asked and got no reply. This is exactly what I mean, it's a waste of time.

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17 January 2013

Reply from Quidco

Hi Jack,

I am very sorry to hear that you have had problems with your cashback, and I do completely understand your frustration with this. Whilst we always try to get your cashback through for you as quickly as possible, there are no guaranteed payment times within the industry at this moment in time. Cashback timings do simply depend on the individual retailer and affiliate networks, and unfortunately delays can happen.

Once a retailer agrees to pay cashback, it then has to go through the payment process, which involves various hand-offs and further checks between various parties. Cashback is actually the commission that Quidco earns when referring you to a deal or a retailer. Instead of keeping it, we pass it on to you, but we have to receive it ourselves first.

We take our customer support very seriously, and I am concerned that you feel you have been lied to. I would of course, like to investigate this and invite you to email members@quidco.com with 'FAO Leanne Trust Pilot' in the subject bar and I will take a look into these very troubling allegations.

Many thanks,


Fantastic and so much better than Quidco

Switched to Top after Quidco messed me around for ages with support constantly lying to me. I waited over a year for Sky broadband cashback, every time I contacted support I got a different reason. Used Top Cashback and haven't had a single problem, and good support.


Good but some titles mislead you

Purchased a game from them last year that was listed as Direct Download with the Digital Distribution Logo displayed which says: "The files downloaded are from publisher digital distribution packages and you are allowed to re download them as many times as you like from wherever you are".

However what they do is sneak in an extra fee, because all I got was the game key and the game itself wasn't downloaded from the publisher at all despite the product page saying so (clearly a lie). You have to pay an extra fee to get the ISO download from Online Key Store, so be careful if you see something that says direct download. It actually means CD key only but download available as an extra fee, the product pages are not clear enough at all. The product pages lie and some games are not downloaded from the publisher, instead just some random ISO you uploaded to your own servers.

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12 January 2013

Reply from PC Media PTE LTD


The icon description you are talking about describes the files yes, it does however say on the download button unless you add the service its a cd key only



Absolutely fantastic value

Purchased 2 pairs of glasses that were really good value, thin lenses and all the coatings as well as standard. Got them within a week and would use again. Finally a company that doesn't rip you off and provides decent glasses and service.


Very slow customer service

I emailed them about an order that was accepted, yet 30 minutes later got a phone call saying driver wasn't willing to drive 16 miles and for me to contact HH for a refund. I emailed them got the auto confirmation, yet still waiting for a reply. Not the first time I have had to contact customer service, it's always terribly slow. If you have a problem with your order, don't expect it to be sorted out quickly.

04 September 2012

Reply from hungryhouse.co.uk

Hi Jack,

Thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry that you had a bad experiences with your order and that we took a while to respond to you. I hope our customer care team managed to sort this out for you.



Don't waste your time on them

I put a claim in for PPI on my credit card I never authorised originally. I asked on the phone if this would be a valid claim and was told yes. I paid the £50 (when other companies are free) thinking it would be worth it, but they turned out to be a waste of space. I sent all the evidence in they needed, a year and a half later was told my claim wasn't valid. They sent my £50 back ages later, and they also have terrible customer service. Don't use them they're not worth it.

But remember! They have a 96% satisfaction rate based on a small number of people, they don't mention the thousands who they mess around. Pathetic company, go with someone reputable who are not low level educated law entrepreneurs

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Keen Gardener

Ordered item but lack of communication

Ordered 2 items and was told they would be in stock within a week. I contacted them after 7 days and was then told it will be another 7 days. No one bothered to tell me though.


Fantastic service and value

Have used Simply Supplements for 4 years and never had a problem. When I contacted customer service, they always gave me a prompt reply. The products are fantastic value for money. The whole buy one get one free is very misleading, as your not really getting another one free and the price already reflects that. However good value for money overall and would use again.

Just Eat

Terrible customer service if order goes wrong

A few of my orders have gone wrong, or items missing so have requested the refund of certain items. Live chat is useless and don't offer anything useful, and the phone is just as bad. Would rather use somewhere else.

13 February 2012

Reply from Just-Eat.co.uk

Hi Jack,

I am sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience using Just Eat and that you were unhappy with the customer service provided.

I would be grateful if you could send me the details of your order so I can look into this to see what has gone wrong, my email address is trustpilot@just-eat.co.uk.

Kind Regards,


James Flood
Social Media Consultant


Great service

Purchased Football Manager 2012 and got it very quickly, and as a scanned image. Other places say they send scanned images yet only send text, clearly lying about the product. Yet to experience this here.

Home Health (UK) Ltd

Perfect service and discreet

Superb service and very discreet, thank you.


Great price great product

Very fast delivery, glad they stock what I wanted.


Poor customer service, great prices though.

Great prices can't fault that, but if you want a refund you get asked constant questions even though you explained in the first place why you wanted a refund. Plus sometimes you don't get a reply to your email unless you send it a second or third time. Moral of the story is if you can accept the poor customer service, it's great.


Fast delivery and great product but less value for money currently

I ordered some essential vitamins on the Monday, and got them Wednesday morning. Not bad at all considering they come from a channel island! The product itself is great and I love the packaging designed to fit through the letterbox


Unfortunately now however the company has let me down by high prices. In some cases the product has a better formulation I can understand that, but for the most part has the same ingredients as competitor products that are cheaper. Also now the free delivery as standard option has gone so you get another £1.95 added on (at time of writing). In the end say throughout the year you think to yourself oh I need some of that and you go to order, you can end up paying like £5 extra. Even worse if the price is high and they offer lower quantities of per tablet, usually 240 now rather than 360 you get less value for money. Dissapointing really I don't see myself ordering as much because of this.

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