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If lamp doesnt come Police will know

As we spoke today by phone I will wait until a week before 22 of october when i am still in time to denounce in police and recovery money through VISA you have until 22 because it is before the three months you still can denounce it.
After that date if I do not have any news from the lamp
I will call police the bank and visa open the investigation to recover the money
As there are so many people damaged by you, in Spain it is an ecomic crime depending on the amount of money or the type of organisation, etc
There are various special division in Police in Spain that only dedicate to investigate crime in internet.

Make the lamp come

It is an answer to the email below
And for all the readers of this reviews.
You do not have to wait 18 weeks plus 8 weeks of delays plus another 8 weeks of dealy and then a month of a never coming refund > total 38 weeks waiting for probably nothing in return
after the third month you are not able to recover the money through police and banks so I ask people not to wait and denounce before you can
because if you wait the time they say you loose your chance to get your money back and then you only can complain or take legal actions

As the king of Spain says The law is equal for everybody.
If youdo not comite economic and fraud crimes then you have nothing to worry, dont you?
1.500 reviews of people robbed are enough to police investigate as you know if you are in Europe legal action can be taken on you
As the legal adress of the proforma invoice in Madrid is not a real company adress
Probably all of you will have a huge problem.

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03 October 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Hello Eduard,

Thank you for your comments but it seems that you have already condemned the Company without having committed a crime!

You placed the order in July. If you read the advertised standard delivery time it is within the 10 - 18 weeks ( currently at week 10 ). The lamp is neither late nor delayed.

Even if the lamp were to be delayed, we recommend you refer to the Terms and conditions which cover Delivery and Delivery delays, before you make any approach to the Police or the authorities.

You are making wild assumptions about your lamp which are untrue.

If there was any reason why your lamp were not to be delivered, then you would be fully refunded.

On this site, we do make a consistent effort to resolve genuine complaints but it is neither fair nor right for you to place a negative review, based on speculation and what you think may or may not occur sometime in the future.

The Customer service team have consistently answered all your queries and even replied to your threats.

Kind Regards
Valerie - Customer Relations Adviser.

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