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I've been to currys a number of times in the past few months, with moving house and running a business i've spent quite a lot on new appliances and upgrades for office equipment. I find myself taking a deep breath before I go in, I keep my head as to not be bombarded by staff, today I was buying a new printer, and they had the one I wanted at £50.00 off. I went straight to the shelf grabbed the box - off to the paydesk, all going well until I asked for a VAT receipt - then I had to move paydesks and here comes the manager - have I a business account - do I want one, no , am I sure, really sure. Move back desks - do I want cartridges. do I want damage cover, no, what if i drop it, I won't!, what if you drop something on it - no! ..sell..sell.sell
then I'm being asked for my name and address - why so you can bombard me with junk mail, I haven't the energy to argue today - why did I come in here. Currys!!! - I just want to pay and leave.

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Glasgow, United Kingdom