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Just Eat

Takeaway choices made easy.....

Just Eat is so handy, all my local takeaways in one place, let's me choose easily, and ordering is so simple too. Then I can use my card to pay, or pay on delivery...and it's brought to my door...simplzz :)

10 October 2012

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Hi Dee,

Thanks very much for the review, we really appreciate your feedback!

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Barely 3* - but you get what you pay for...

EasyJet ... cheap flights... you get what you pay for...small seats, & fast turn around... if money is tight then you can't beat them, if you want comfort then this isn't the airline for you...they do "what it says on the tin", nothing more...having said that crew were bright & chirpy, & helpful. Bugbear: I wish all families with babies were put in the same area of the plane, so those of us without children don't have to endure (bit harsh 'endure' but can't think of another word) 'surround sound' baby crying...
Acceptable experience, but not desired quality....


Have given 5 *, even though, on occasions, the pickers have been a little off in their substitutions for me.. but generally I am delighted :-)

I love this service. Delivered to my door, on time, rain or snow, and ordering midweek delivery means it is comparable with getting a taxi home with my shop, cost wise...& I don't have to carry anything :-)
Substitutions have been a little off sometimes, which can be annoying for me as I have poor mobility, so going out for correct replacements is not possible... this means 'planned meals', occasionally have to be changed, because wrong substitution is sent. Apart from that I have been delighted with my service from Tesco's, & would be gutted if it weren't available... I've got used to sitting in the warm at home, and ordering, with none of the hassles of driving there, parking, other shoppers, screaming kids.. etc., etc. 5 *

The outcome of the experience was positive, but, information regarding am or pm collection of my parcel, from the driver/courier would have dispelled worries on whether it would actually be collected.

This was my first experience of using this service, & it did serve me well.
As a nervous newbie, I felt concern on the day it was due to be collected, for 'next day delivery' when the day was closing fast, and the parcel had still not been collected half an hour before the 'end' time.... but then, in the nic' of time the courier arrived, and all was well :-)
This collection worry for me,(having faithfully promised the addressee, that the parcel would be with her, the following day)... I think...could have been removed.
A courtesy call or text in the morning, on the day of delivery, from the courier/driver, letting me know, that he was aware of my parcel, & it was on his days worksheet-would have let me know he was coming. Any further information, perhaps that he hoped to be with me, either am or pm, or between, 4 & 6 pm, or something similar, would be a welcome added bonus. Having said that... &, as I previously said the outcome was positive, everything went to plan, and my parcels addressee was delighted.
I will use this service again, even though you may find it a little dearer than the post office-for myself & other people unable to get to the post office themselves, this service is a godsend. It also saves having to ask friends to carry heavy items to the Post Office, for me.
I now believe, that the service is far superior, & more reliable than the P.Office, & can only wish this service success, & many more customers in the future. Delighted.

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