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John Lewis

Amazing service experience

Ordered a sofa online and it is possibly the first time ever I haven't had to spend all day waiting for a delivery. Got plenty of accurate updates - might be a fluke looking at other reviews on TrustPilot?

Delivery people carried in sofa, unwrapped and examined it. They found a very small chip out of the insight back-leg that we didn't spot. They asked us to call customer service and advised us that we could use the sofa until a new could be delivered.

Spoke to customer service who instantly started planning for replacement to be delivered. I told them that the chip wasn't actually visible and had it been discounted then I would have happily bought in the shop. Customer service asked what kind of discount would make me happy and we agreed on what I thought was a great bargain!

Can't praise this transaction enough


It's not our fault!

Be careful purchasing internet line with usage restrictions from Sky as the restriction is carried out by BT. Sky does not know how much you have used and if you go over, they do not know when a restriction will be lifted (or maybe thats just customer service!? - including floor managers!). Basically they will blame BT, explaining that BT customers gets priority - "its not us - its BT "- try and find that in the T&C's.

Btw, they record the phone conversation but object to you doing the same - try it - hilarious - just reassure them that it is only for training purposes - but apparently you are not allowed.


Waiting for deliveries to arrive - still waiting

This has got to be the worst service I have ever received!

Started by looking for items online and whilst considering the purchase a determining factor was delivery time. Online estimate was for the 8th of November which was fine. After I bought the product I was told the delivery wouldn't be until the 15th of November, which almost doubled the time I had to wait! I found that not only annoying but also slightly dishonest.

I waited in on the 15th all day and effectively lost a day's worth of work, but thats ok if the items then get delivered. But, they didn't. When the delivery slot had 'expired' I attempted to call Ikea but the phone-line was engaged - I waited in excess of 35 mins in a queue and gave up!

My Wife attempted to call again later - still in a queue for the best part of an hour, just to be told that the driver attempted to deliver my goods but there was nobody in! Now that I find insulting - he has obviously not been at the right address or he is lying. She asked for an immediate re-delivery but that could not be facilitated and I would have to take another day off work the following week. She asked for a refund of the delivery cost, which also couldn't be accomedated until delivery had taken place and the driver had been interviewed. So, she cancelled the order.

I have still lost a day off work and have to find alternative place to purchase furniture. Its is poor service!

Jesper Nors

The Utility Warehouse

Appalling customer service

Moved in to rented accommodation and received my first bill, which was for somebody else's meter. When I questioned this, I was still asked to pay the bill whilst they where 'sorting it out'. They also told me, as the property was a rental they required me to pay £200 deposit. I didn't see the point in paying somebody else's bill nor pay a deposit, so decided to switch supplier which I progressed with immediately . Following day receive email threatening to cut off supplies... bizarre

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Kommer når de lover, regning stemmer overens med tilbud

Har flere gange benyttet Lynby VVS i Trustrup, bl.a til udskiftning af olietank, fyr og kedel. Tænk sig en håndværker der altid kommer den dag han lover det! og hvor regning og tilbud stemmer overens.

Hjemmesiden ser ikke ud af så meget, men det er selvfølgelig heller ikke hjemmesider de laver. Tror ikke ejeren Erik tjekker sine emails så ofte, men han er ALTID at træffe på telefonen. Han er også typen, der lige vil se, om det kan betale sig at reparere noget inden han sælger dig noget nyt.

Mine bedste anbefalinger

Super Hurtig Levering

Har bestilt hos grafical 2 gange og har begge gange modtaget varen dagen efter, selvom ordre var afgivet midt på dagen! - og det var selvfølgelig den korrekte vare

Dårlig Service

Købte noget printerpapir, ventede 10 dage intet skete og ingen kommunikation, rykkede for ordre, modtog beskeden - jeg citerer:"Din ordre er blevet opdateret. Ny status: Under behandling". Ventede 27 dage og afbestilte.

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25 February 2010

Reply from Techmaster

Denne anmelder er blevet meget sur på mig fordi jeg desværre ikke har været i stand til at fremskaffe noget ønsket T-shirt transfer papir som er i restordre fra Canon. Forløbet som han beskriver det er løgn, men jeg har opgivet at kommunikere med ham da han mener det er dårlig service fra min side at Canon ikke kan levere papiret, så det er lidt svært. Trist for jeg havde selvfølgelig gerne undværet denne negative anmeldelse.
Brian Hansen, Techmaster


Great service shipped camera to DK

Only online company that promtly responded to email regarding VAT refund for Dk based company. The whole transaction was spot on

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