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Fantastic tour ruined by tour guide

Totally enjoyed the actual tour and enjoyed the cheerful banter of the first tour rep. This however was totally ruined by the change over of tour guides when we decided to stay on to continue our journey to our destination for a restaurant we had booked.

The guide was very rude and abrupt when he got on the bus. Having just been on the bus for a full tour with no problems whatsoever having our children sat next to us, as did many other families. The 2nd tour guide was not prepared to let the bus leave like this. He insisted on all children aged under 5 must be sat on parents laps. Being parents with twins (4) and daughter (5) we agreed however I could not understand why we could not sit them next to us as we did with the first tour guide. The 2nd guide even made one family leave the bus as they had 3 children under 5 and the mother could not physically sit in her seat with two children on her lap. The whole experience was ruined by a rude and obnoxious guide who even claimed to having owned the company! If these are the rules then they should of be made clearer before getting on the bus and abided by by all tour guides. Personally it seemed more dangerous to me perching children on my lap than having them sat safely in a seat.

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