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City Link

Liars, never delivered ...

Order by Amazon .. paid extra to receive before xmas, on track number say expect delivery Saturday 21st. all day Saturday nobody appear.. check the city ink status and said : IN OUR NETWORK .. as surprise, on Sunday say, delivered , 10:00am and POD to Follow... that mean, they cannot proof the delivery.. and they never delivered my item, open case ..still waiting...
Amazon send me a replacement, but no to arrive before xmas as promise,,
called to city link, and they say, is a Amazon problem call them...
The thing no understand, Why City Link say the item was delivered.. if they never made..
untrusted company ..


untrusted, bad attitude, no pay cashback as promise

Bad attitude, and untrusted.
I used Crucial to buy my memories for many years... around from 2005 the present, normally never had problem, and arrive on time.. also used TopCashback to get my Cash back, as Crucial used to attract customers..
I spend £ 40 , 30, 60 and always got my cashback on time...
however on my last purchase spend more than £ 100 ... and no cashback given... as other comments say.. Crucial no pay you when you spend a lot money...
Then my question is why you offer a cashback and then refuse to pay ?.. inclusive ignore the e-mails about the transaction,... that show untrusted company.. who offer some cashback and then say... - we no pay you and no give reason why ...
Do you think that is a serious answer of business ?
Ok, sure Crucial save money on my cashback as promise £ 8.09 . but from now.. you lose a customer... never again!!!
very unprofessional move..and bad attitude.

I spread the review about this to aware to another's.



Useless Pharmacy staff

Boots, Bridgwater high St. been on Boots Pharmacy yesterday because had gastroscopy and had for few days sore throat, as Saturday going to Boots if them can advise and sell me a product to relief the pain,.. The woman behind the counter of Pharmacy been very unhelpful to understand my problem, with the pain on my throat I explain 3 times my problem... her ask to another lady ( apparently more professional ) .. and back to me with the answer.. - There is nothing we can give you, only Paracetamol .... , obviously ... see notes there cero professional advise on Boots Pharmacy... , Hopefully opposite to the store is Superdrug’s .. Where the pharmacy staff, understands my problem on the first word, and offers me 3 different syrup and advises... .now my Throat going better.. Never Never.. Trust on Boots Pharmacy


Good item nice web page

A little Delay, but all sorted out, really nice item


Awful Service , with hacked credit card

Awful Service and Fraud.

Order: 1503376

I bought the item on 3th November, after read the reviews on the site, I’m confident my item should be arrived on 10 or 15 days.

Then used standard delivery USD 37 (NO cheap) and on the notes area write: Please be ensuring the item must be arriving on or before 21th November. (18 days) plenty time…

I placed the order via International Checkout and paid with American Express.

On 10th November International Checkout send me an e-mail inform the item arrive to the warehouse shortly.

That same day American Express inform my card has been hacked, from the area US – California.

14Th November International Checkout still not releases my order, and expect in 1 – 2days.

15th November they dispatch my order via DHL … after 13 days I been ordered.

Today is 18 days order the item and still is not with me.

The owner of Retro Planet contacted with me and offer refund if my order is late, I hope receive some compensation.

Retro Planet say they Feedback or customer review are genuine, I choose Retro Planet because whole reviews say about the fast delivery, Unfortunately not for me, or maybe wait more than 18 days is fast delivery? , I leave a note, PLEASE need on or before 21st. But they not matter.

International Checkout have awful customer service, they replied automatic, and not care what happen. Inclusive hacked Credit Card.

We forward all information about my purchase of Retro Planet and International Checkout about this fraud with my credit card, and they investigate why many customers of EUROPE their cards is hacked after use International Checkout,

There is another forum: where appear the real customers Reviews.

After that, my experience is never ever trust on customer reviews of the page where you get the item; they only put the good ones. Blog, forums or pages as complaintBoards are the real experiences of customers.

Sure International checkout say, we not take responsibility about delays on customs or courier, unfortunately for International Checkout, DHL no have delays but International Checkout and Retro Planet took 13 days to decide dispatch my item

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Very bad customer service, and unprofessional team

I book for collection last Wednesday 29th. by Parcel Force.
Parcel Force no make a collection and re-arrange with Parcel2go collection soon as possible.
Parcel2go take few days to back to me, but they no re-book a soon possible, they re-book a day later, that mean, re-book without ask me the day.

after contact again by parcel2go, they unable to book in right day, that mean, my parcel late 1 week negligence by parcel2go

need call to parcel force to arrange collection myself.

Very bad service parcel2go sure not use again , and spread this review in another sites.

Same rubbish

Never never again...same company to, very poor quality customer service and liars....
they stolen my money


Very bad Indian customer service

Unfortunately, Dell move all his operations to India, NO anymore in UK or Ireland. the customer service is very poor, and very bad administration..
Never never again any product of DELL

wrong part sending ..

NEVER ...NEVER AGAIN!!! very disappoint, they make mistake in a order, or warehouse, send me wrong part, claim for refund, they send a letter, to back my wrong parts. after 1 week send the item. they refund wrong amount just . claim again. customer service not reply mails, and call centre, VERY RUDE !!! they said we call you ..NEVER CALL .. I need call every time. today 22/01/2009 after 1 month still claim my money.. for yours mistake..

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