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Paranoid James Bond Delusional Timewasters!

Had a current account, multiple outgoing large transfers from my account had apparently vanished and only showed up after months (very distressing) which was bad enough but what really took the cake was when they said an "unusual" transfer was made and blocked my account!!!!! I was in disbelief, over many decades of banking with many banks never has a bank said an "unusual" transfer occurred, I phoned them they said I had to come into the branch I said no because there was no problem except their overactive security systems and paranoia, they said they will not unblock my account then so I angrily agreed, they made me wait hours then "UV scanned" my passport and said my passport may be fake! I told them I traveled to multiple countries on the same passport with no problems, she was insulting and arrogant, at one point she actually called me "dumb" for visiting at a busy time!!!!! Their employees seem to live in a James Bond movie I was so angry I told them I wanted to close my account because I have never dealt with such insulting delusional paranoid people and I've dealt with many people, they said NO!!! They wouldn't even allow me to close my account!!! I went home upset and in disbelief then I sent a long letter to their HQ threatening legal action, they replied that they would close my account but refused a penny of compensation. If you want to deal with arrogant people who may force you to go to their branch over a petty normal transfer which they consider "unusual" and wait hours then they may insult you and follow paranoid delusional James Bond company policies then they refuse to even close your account when you get sick and tired of them then bank with these guys AVOID!

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