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The service is great but some problems need ironing out

Sky's TV package is the best value for money I think, having experienced Freeview, Virgin and Sky. The catchup streaming is really fast and their multiroom is also good value. Broadband is fast & they provide a lot of extras such as voucher incentives and free Sky Go service. However their communication is terrible - when we signed up I told them that the previous tenant's BT phone line was still in place and was told this wouldn't be a problem, they could do an active line takeover. Gave me a date for installation (3 week wait...pretty rubbish, but it's the same whichever supplier you go with as only BT's engineers can install the fibre router). Took a day off work, waited in all day.. no one came. Turns out the person who processed my order had done so without mentioning the active line, so it had bounced back as an error 2 days after the order i.e. just under 3 weeks before the installation was due. Sky knew this, and had obviously told the engineer as he didn't show, but didn't tell me, and in fact kept sending me texts, emails and letters right up to the day before the installation date with reminders to be home. So we had to place a completely new order and go back into the queue for installation, no bumps up the queue, no apology and no compensation. What made it bearable was that when you call, there is usually no or a very short wait, and the people (usually Irish) on the other end are actually really helpful and have the power to implement what you ask immediately. Now everything is up and running, I have noticed that calls about any Sky services, made from a Sky landline, are free of charge, which is a nice touch.


Liars & bullies, no value placed on loyal custom

We recently moved to an area which Virgin do not supply, so we had to end our contract. My husband was a customer for 6 years, getting phone line, broadband and TiVo all from Virgin at a cost of £60/month. He paid by direct debit so they had over £4,000 out of him with no hassle at all. When we moved, we gave 30 days notice and our new address, were sent a box to pack the TiVo box up in (oh yes they charge you for installation but the box is still theirs) to the new address, sent that off - fine, done, or so we thought. However then we noticed we were still getting bills to our old address (redirection from the Post Office - invaluable). We were charged the equivalent of an extra month's services so my partner rang to complain. After being on hold for 20 minutes he got through to a man in a call centre who told him specifically to 'ignore that bill, it will be pro rata'd and a correct final bill will be sent out to you in the next week'. Fine. The very next day, we received a letter from a debt collections agency asking for the money immediately. So not only had they charged us incorrectly, they had also passed this debt on to the bailiffs almost immediately!! My husband is on the phone to both the DC's and Virgin as I type, he is absolutely livid. They have no problem taking your money but as soon as you have any problems, or they make an error, you cannot find someone to be held accountable it just gets passed around anonymous, minimum wage call centre employees in Asia who have no power to DO anything. Avoid!! We are with Sky now, they have their own problems but at least you can always speak to someone to get it sorted immediately!

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